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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Ribsy By Beaverly Cleary

In this story a boy named Henry Huggins loses his dog, Ribsy, at a parking lot.  Ribsy,trying to get back home gets in a station wagon that looks a lot like the Huggin's car, curls up and falls asleep.  In a few minutes Ribsy wakes up and finds himself with another family.  And that's how Ribsy's adventure began... He met some other people which were all very nice to him but he always ran away.  This story is great.  I hope you like it!

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Janitor's Boy By Andrew Clements

In this story, a boy named Jack Rankin is mad at the chief custodian also known as Jack's dad.  So to get him back he decides to to put the stickiest and smelliest gum he can find and stick all of it under a music room desk.  And he knows that if he does that his father will have to clean up all that mess.  But his plans went very wrong, and he was caught red handed.
So as his punishment from his music teacher and his principal, he will be working on gum patrol for 1 hour in the next three weeks.  And one day he finds lots of keys in a locker that lead to all of the rooms in the school.  He finds 2 interesting keys and both of them give him the best adventure of his life.  Read this story and I hope you will like it!The main character in this story in Jack Rankin.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Animorphs: The Suspicion #24

In this story, the Animorphs meet VERY tiny little aliens that want to take over Earth.  And who are these aliens?  They are the Helmacrons and they are very angry because they think Cassie stole their ship.  The Animorphs think this will be an easy win against these Helmacrons, but there is a twist.  The aliens have a shrinking ray!  They can shrink anyone down to their size.  Will the Animorphs make it, or will they stay smaller that an ant forever?  The main character is Cassie.