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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Congratulations to the Winners of the February Contest!

I know you've all been eager to find out who the winners are for this month's contest.  There has been much lively participation among members with intense competition and lots of hard work.  Now it is time to declare the winners!

Congratulations to Yusuf Kose of Newark, Delaware for winning the February contest.  He has earned a grand total of 563 points from submitting book projects and writing stories, a record breaking score for AboutCoolBooks!  Yusuf is our new Super Member of the Month for March and we are excited to find out what new ideas he has for book projects.  Besides earning the privilege to create his own book project prompts, Yusuf has also won a five-dollar gift card to a store of his choice (between Staples, Five Below, and Barnes and Noble).

Additional winners have earned prizes this month.  Congratulations to Hajar Hammami for collecting a very close score of 527 points and becoming a Gold-Medal winner.  Congratulations to Huda Kose for collecting 348 points and also becoming a Gold-Medal winner. Both winners will receive small prizes in the mail.

All members who have participated in the February contest will also earn certificates of participation.  I hope you all have a great time completing new projects in the March contest!  Stay tuned to find out more about it.  (Note: The March contest begins on March 2nd.  Projects submitted before then will not be counted.  Don't forget to re-read the "Find Out More" page to know of any new rules for the March contest.)

Rachel in Alligator Form

This is Rachel in her alligator form.

Elfangor's Spaceship

This is Elfangor's spaceship.

Ramona and Her Father

In this story, Ramona's father loses his job.  Now her mother must take care of the whole family.  I liked this story because it was funny and entertaining. The funniest part of the story was when Ramona called Mrs. Swink pie face. This story was long and good.


This is Cassie in horse morph.


This is Cassie in cheetah morph.


This is Jake in tiger morph.


This is Rachel in elephant morph.

Dear napoleon, I know you're dead but...

This is the boy writing to Lincoln

Pixie Tricks

This is the girl in Pixie Tricks

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Animorphs Morphing Cube

This is the morphing cube on a table.

Ramona and Her Father Project

This is Ramona and her father.

Pixie Tricks: Fairies

These are the bad fairies running away from the good guys.


This is Cassie shopping.

Marco from Animorphs

This is Marco looking for Jake


This is Jenny in the story "Meet Samantha."

Nellie's Promise: Samantha

Samantha in "Nellie's Promise"

Meet Samantha

This is Samantha and Nellie in the first story.

Nellie's Promise: Bridget

Picture of Bridget

Animorphs: Marco

This is Marco, a character in the Animorphs series.

Animorphs #50

This is Cassie in wolf form, ready to battle Hork-Bajir.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Marco in Hammerhead Morph

Marco is looking for bad guys.

Tobias in Hawk Morph

Tobias is stuck in the hawk morph.

Jake in Dog Morph

Jake is testing the morphing power in the first book.

David in Lion Morph

David is looking for the Animorphs to kill them.

Rachael in Cat Morph

Rachael sneaks in the bad guy's base, acting as a pet.

Tobias in Bird Morph

Tobias flies to find the bad guy base.

Cassie in Dolphin Morph

Cassie is in dolphin morph to attack the bad guys' underwater base.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Magic Tree House #23 Project

This is a part of the story when Jack and Annie run away from the tornado.

Animorphs #51 Project

In this picture is Ax, Marco, and Tobias in duck morph.


In this story, a boy named Nick invents a new word instead of the word "pen."  But his grammar teacher, Mrs. Granger, does not like to see that.  After a few days, the battle between Nick and Mrs.Granger has begun.  I liked this story because it was entertaining for me.  My favorite part of the story was when Nick started using the new word.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Animorphs #51 - The Absolute

In this story, the Yeerks are fighting harder and the Animorphs' chances of winning are slight.  But Jake, one of the Animorphs, never gave up.  I liked this story because it was funny and entertaining.  The main character is Marco.

Huda Learns a Lesson.

Member Story

"Jack and Jill went up a hill to fetch a pail of water.  Jack fell down and broke his crown and Jill came tumbling after!" 5 year old Meryem sang as she skipped to her sister Huda's room.

"Meryem!! Stop singing that crazy song. This is my room so get out!" said 10 year old Huda, really annoyed.

"But...But..," Meryem started to talk.

"Get out!" Huda shouted.

"But Abla has something important to tell you!" said Meryem

"Oh ok.  You better not be lying." said Huda grumpily.

Meryem started to walk with Huda to Abla's room.

She started to sing, "Jack and Jill went up a hill to fetch a pail of water, Jack fell down and broke his crown and Jill came tumbling after!"

"Not that again," said Huda, closing her ears.

Soon they were at their sister's room. Huda said, "Abla do you have something to tell me?"

"Is it that Meryem gets to live with her friend?" said Huda.

"No, Huda!" said Abla.

"Well is it that I get to paint my room?" said Huda

"No, do you know your cousin Sabriya?" said Abla, folding a towel.

"Yeah....Wait...What!? I didn't know I had a cousin!" Huda said, surprsied.

"Well you do.  Anyway, she will come her for the summer," said Abla.

"Why?" asked Huda.

"Well her parents have to go on a business trip" said Abla.

"How old is she?" asked  Huda.

"I think she is 10," said Abla.

"Oh yeah!  She is ten. My age. I am going to finish reading my book now," said Huda, turning to her room.

"Oh Huda, first clean your room.  She will be here in the morning," said Abla.

"Why?" said Huda, turning back to Abla.

"Well, you don't want Sabriya to live in a dirty room," said abla.

"What?!" shouted Huda.

"Sabriya will stay with you in your room," said Abla.

"What! I didn't know she will live in my room," said Huda, surprised.

"Well, just go and clean your room," said Abla.

"Oh my goodness!" said Huda, slowly walking to her room.

In the morning...

"See the house there?  That is where you will live for the summer," said Abla, pointing to her house.

"Oh, it is so pretty," said Sabriya.

They went in the house and Abla said, "Huda, come meet Sabriya."

"Coming!" said Huda.

"Now, Sabriya this is Huda," said Abla.

Huda said, "Assalmualakuim."

"Oh, Assalualakuim," said Sabriya.

"I thought you were ten!" said Huda.

"Oh, I am," said Sabriya.

"Oh, you are tall," said Huda.

"Oh, it is in my genes," said Sabriya.

"Huda, why don't you show Sabriya your room?" said Abla.

"Ok. Sabriya follow me," said Huda, not excited at all.

At Huda's room, Sabriya said, "Ooh you have Anne of Green Gables. I have it. I read that book. Do you have it?"

"Yes I do.  You are holding it!" said Huda.

"Can I read it?" said Sabriya.

"Sorry, I am reading it," said Huda.

"Oh, maybe later then," said Sabriya.

While Sabriya was admiring her new room, Meryem came and said, "Sabriya, look what I can sing, Jack and Jill went up a hill to fetch a pail of water.  Jack fell down and broke his crown and Jill came tumbling after!"

"Ohh, I love that song. Why don't we sing it together?" said Sabriya.

"Ok!" said Meryem.

They went to Meryem's room. Meryem didn't even bother asking Huda to sing with them because she knew she would say no.

"She didn't even bother asking me," said Huda. Her feelings started to hurt. She decided to read.

Meanwhile, Meryem and Sabriya were about to go to the park together.

"Come on, let's go!" said Meryem opening the door.

In the park they heard the ice cream truck. "Lets have ice cream, Sabriya," said Meryem.

"Let me see. I have enough money for it!" said Sabriya.

In the house...
"I finished the book. I will look for Sabriya," Huda said.

While Huda started to look for Sabriya, Meryem  and Sabiya were heading home.

When they came home, Huda said, "Where were you?"

"We ate icecream!" Meryem said.

"Without me?" said Huda.

"You said you didn't like the song I sang so I didn't think you would want to go with me," said Meryem.

"Oh," said Huda. So from then on, Huda did everything with Meryem so she wouldn't miss anything fun.

The End

Animorphs #50 - The Ultimate

In this story, Cassie, the other Animorphs, and Ax,the andalite, are trying to fend of the Yeerks. They are not doing well, though.  Their only chance of survival may only be to increase the number of Animorphs.  It is risky because everyone remembers what happened to David.  I liked this story because it was entertaining.  If I was transported into this book, I would help the Animorphs defeat the Yeerks.The main character is Cassie.

The Girl Who Cried Monster Art Project

In this picture, Lucy rushes out of the library because she saw Mr. Mortman change into a monster.

Magic Tree House #23

In this story, Jack and Annie go to Kansas to look for a thing to help save Camelot. They go to a one-room schoolhouse.  I liked this story because it was entertaining.  I disliked the part when the tornado came.  But my favorite part of the story was when Jack and Jeb became friends.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Magic Tree House #3

In this story, Jack and Annie come back to the tree house and discover a book that leads them to Egypt. There, they meet a ghost who needs help.  I liked this story because it was entertaining.  My favorite part of the story was when they helped the ghost.

Animorphs: Cassie

This is Cassie, my favorite character in the Animorphs series.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Aliens Don't Wear Braces

In this story, some kids have a new substitute but they are sure their real teacher was there that morning.  Now they are trying to find out where he is.I liked this story because it was funny and entertaining.  If I was transported into this book, I would help the kids solve the mystery.  This story was kind of short but good.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Sporty Sprite

In this book, a fairy cheats. The fairy secretly helps a soccer team. But the soccer team doesn't know and think it's just because they're good. But a girl and a good fairy have to find the cheating fairy and cage it. I like this story because it is funny.  I didn't dislike it.

The Greedy Gremlin

In this book, sixteen fairies are loose. A girl meets a fairy that is trying to find the sixteen fairies. The girl decides to help. I like this because they go in a video game. I dislike it because it was a small book.

Animorphs - Rachel

This is a poster of Rachel in the Animorphs series.

Animorphs - Jake

Animorphs - Andalite

Magic Tree House #19: Tigers at Twilight

This is a poster that shows Jack and Annie riding the elephant.

Kirsten, An American Girl

This is a poster of Kirsten, an American Girl.

Magic Tree House #19: Tigers at Twilight

In this story, Jack and Annie go to find the third gift to free Teddy, a dog, from a spell.  They go to the forest and face a killer snake and a tiger.  On the way Annie names an elephant and rides on her back with Jack.  I liked this story because it was funny.  The main character in this story is Jack.  If I was transported into this book I would be exited and scared because I like forests, but I am scared of snakes.

Dear Napoleon, I Know You're Dead But...

This is a story in which a boy writes letters to famous dead people. But suddenly those letters are answered. The boy wants to know if they are real. He soon writes letters to Abraham Lincoln. I love this book because it gives lots of facts. I dislike it because it is sad.
Front Cover

Favorite Character: George Weasly

This is a character from the Harry Potter series.  He has a twin brother. He is very funny and makes funny jokes. He is the brother of Ron, Harry's best friend. I would like to be him because he owns a store. He makes lots of money.  Below this paragraph is a picture of George Weasly and his twin brother.
George is on the left