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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Congratulations to the Winners of the January Contest!

Here is the moment you've all been waiting for: the announcement of the winners.  This has been a close contest with lively participation from many members.  
Congratulations to Huda Kose of Newark, Delaware for winning the January contest.  She has earned a total of 392 points from submitting book projects and writing stories.  Huda is our new Super Member of the Month for February and we are excited to find out what new ideas she has for book projects.  Besides earning the privilege to create her own book project prompts, Huda has also won a five-dollar gift card to a store of her choice (between Staples, Five Below, and Barnes and Noble).

Additional winners have earned prizes this month.  Congratulations to Yusuf Kose for collecting 388 points and becoming a Gold-Medal winner.  Congratulations to Hajar Hammami for collecting 120 points and becoming a Bronze-Medal winner.  Both winners will receive small prizes in the mail.

All members who have participated in the January contest will also earn certificates of participation.  I hope you all have a great time completing new projects in the February contest!  (Note: The February contest begins on February 2nd. Projects submitted before then will not be counted.  Don't forget to re-read the "About" page which has some new rules for the new contest.)

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Rana's Wish

Member Story
"Don't you wish the world was made out of candy?" said Rana at her friends house.

"Well, then the water you drank would be candy-tasted," said Aya.

At Aya's house, Rana went to sleep. In the morning, there was candy all over the place.

"Wow, let's go eat the flowers outside," said Rana.

Soon they realized that they were candy.

"Let's go have some water.  I am so thirsty," said Rana.

Then water didn't taste like water.  It was candy-tasted. Then Rana wanted it to be a normal life again. So they went to sleep. In the morning...

"Is everything candy still?" Rana asked Aya, rubbing her eyes.

"Look, Rana, it's not candy anymore," said Aya.

"YAY! Now I am going to drink some water," said Rana.

The End!


Member Story

A long time ago, a man lived in a small cave. He worked hard to live and, soon, the cave turned into a city. The man was mayor. But he died but had a kid then that kid had a kid that had a kid. That kid was named Ahmed. He was a 17-year-old. He loved exploring, but one day he got lost.
"Where is my house?" said Ahmed, frightened turning left and right.
He saw a man run toward him. He asked him if he saw a village.
"Yes, I know but if you want to get my directions you will have to complete a task," said the man.
The man said that the task was that he had to climb a high mountain across them and get a flower that only grows there.
"That is a high mountain," said Ahmed, starting to climb.
"But if you want to see your home, you will need to get that flower," said the man.
Ahmed climbed and climbed and finally reached the top. He saw a flower but when he touched it, it hurt.
"I can't get it!" said Ahmed.
"Why?" said the man.
"It stung me!" said Ahmed, blowing on his finger.
"I forgot to tell you. If you are not truly a good man, you can't hold it," said the man.
"What do you mean?" said Ahmed.
"People who are ignorant, mean, rude, and dishonest cannot touch it," said the man.
"So are you still going to help me?" asked Ahmed.
"No, find help from someone else," said the man, walking away.
"That guy was crazy," said Ahmed walking.
Ahmed saw another man. He asked him if he saw a village. The man said, "Yes, but you need to fulfill a task." The task was that he needed to get a flower right next to the man. Thinking this was easy, Ahmed tried to get the flower, but it stung him. The man explained the same thing that the other man said. Ahmed was sad and looked for home himself. He finally found it and was happy.

The Tornado

Member Story

The Kose family sat in the living room listening to the news.

"Today there seems there will be a tornado. Everyone get radios and get prepared," said the radio.

"Oh no, there will be a tornado. We will have to get ready," said the mom.

"I will get the radio with batteries," said Sarah, the girl.

"I will get the flashlight," said Adam, the brother of Sarah.

Everyone got something and they all went to a safe place and sat.

They were listening to the radio. A while later...

"The tornado is going straight east, to Newark, DE.

"Oh, that's near us," said the dad.

They heard a lot of wind.

"Oh, I forgot Kitty, our cat," said Adam.

"Well, you can't save her," said the mom.

Adam didn't hear her and ran out.

"This is so hard. Come on, Kitty! I found you," said Adam.

Then Adam fell and got injured. The tornado was over after five minutes and Adam never ever did that ever again.

The Alien from Mars

Member Story

"I don't feel like going to school," said a 12-year-old kid named Hamza.
"Doesn't matter," said Hamza's mom.
"I don't feel well," said Hamza.
"Let me check your temperature," said Mom.
"You're right.  You are sick," said Hamza's mom.
"So I can skip school," said Hamza, trying to hide his happiness.
"I guess so, only until you're better," said Hamza's mom, leaving the room and heading for the car to go get medicine.
"What do I do in bed all day?' said Hamza to himself.
"Play with me!" said a voice.
"Who said that?" asked Hamza, thinking he was imagining things.
"Me, of course," said the voice again.
"Show yourself," said Hamza, very frightened.
Suddenly, a small green creature came from behind Hamza's pillow. It looked just like a human but it was green.
"My name is Sithel," said Sithel.
"Well, nice to meet you, but, no offense, but where did you come from?!" asked Hamza who was really freaked out.
"Mars, of course," said Sithel.
"So what are you doing here?" asked Hamza.
"I came here from Mars and landed here so I have to allow you a wish and it will be answered, but only one," said Sithel.
Hamza thought and thought. He then decided to be as smart as Einstein. The alien said okay and suddenly Hamza realized he could answer a lot of questions. He always got A+ after that and always went to the gifted program in school. 

The Dolls

Member Story
"You are so lucky! You have so much more barbies than me. I only have 4: one mom, one dad, one sister, and one boy," said Meryem, admiring Laila's barbies.

"Well, I don't have that much - only a collection of I think...55," said Laila.

"Umm. Well I think it's time for me to go home. It's 7:00. I should be home by now," said Meryem, heading for the door.

"Ok, assalamualaikum," said Laila.

Ding Dong, Ding Dong.

"Who is it?" said Meryem's mom who she calls mama.

"Its me, Meryem."

Mama opened the door and said,"Assalamu alikum. It's time for bed. Go upstairs and I will tuck you in."

When Mama went to tuck Meryem in, Meryem said, "Mama, Laila has so many dolls. I only have 4."

"Well, you have more stuff than she does. For example, Laila doesn't have a mom.  You do," Mama said.

It started to rain, and Mama said, "You should also think of what you do have. You have a house, food, clothes and lots of other things. So you see, don't think of what you don't have.  Think of what you do."

"Ok, now I understand, Laila doesn't have all the stuff I have, so I shouldn't envy her," said Meryem.

From then on, Meryem never envied.


Member Story

"Not again!" said a 10-year-old boy named Ahmed.
"I won," said a 11-year-old boy named Hamza.
"I want a rematch," said Ahmed who heard a ringing sound coming from Hamza's pocket.
"Hello?" said Hamza, getting his phone out of his pocket and looking worried.
"What happened?" said Ahmed when Hamza closed his phone.
"It was my mom.  She said a tornado is passing our town," said Hamza.
"A what? My parents aren't home though!" said Ahmed.
"My mom told me to tell you that we should go to the cellar," said Hamza getting up.
"But my parents aren't here yet," said Ahmed getting up and heading to the cellar.
Half an hour later Ahmed and Hamza thought the tornado was done. They went outside and saw the tornado about 900 feet away.
"Oh no!" said Hamza as they rushed inside.
"What do we do?" asked Ahmed.
"Nothing.  There is nothing we can do," said Hamza, running to the cellar.
Suddenly Hamza and Ahmed felt a vibration.
"Oh no! We are going to die!" said Hamza.
"Wake up, Hamza," said Hamza's mom.
"What happened to the tornado?" asked Hamza.
"You're having a nightmare.  Now, go back to sleep," said Hamza's mom leaving.
"See you," said Hamza, drifting away to sleep.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Lucky, Lucky Day

This story is about a girl named Michelle who opens the mail and can't believe her eyes! There's a letter for her and it says she's won tons and tons of money. What luck! Now she can buy a new baseball mitt.  She borrows money. But oh-oh! She doesn't get the money she won.

The Escape

Member Story

"Yay! Summer vacation is over!" shouted Ahmed, running back home with his friend Ibrahim.
Soon they stopped running and stared at the deserted house in the neighborhood.
Then Ibrahim said, "I wonder who ever lives in there. Or maybe no one does."
They started to walk again and they both fell in a hole.
"AHHHHHH," they both shouted.

"Where are we?" said Ibrahim, suddenly realizing they were tied up.
"Hello! I hope you like your stay. I will hold you for ransom," said this man.
"What?! Why us?" said Ahmed.
Before they said another word, the man went away.
"Oh, man. Why us? This man is random," said Ibrahim.
"I don't know. Let's try to get out of this place," said Ahmed.
Ibrahim tried, but it was no use. Soon, they fell asleep.
"Ibrahim, Ibrahim come on let's get out of here," whispered Ibrahim in the middle of the night.
"What? Where am I?" said Ibrahim.
"Let's go. I found a scissor and managed to cut out my string.  Now cut yourself out and let's leave," said Ahmed.
"Ok," said Ibrahim, cutting himself free.
"Let's go," said Ahmed, running through a door and seeing the man.
"Oops," said Ahmed, backing away.
The man got out his sword.
"Ahh! Let's run Ibrahim.  Come on, let's go," said Ahmed in his sleep.
"Ahmed, wake up," said his brother Hamza.
"What?" said Ahmed.
"You were having a nightmare," said Hamza.
"Oh," said Ahmed.

Hardy boys - Trouble at the Arcade

In this story, two brothers find out there is a contest at the arcade. You have to get the highest score and if you do, you get the newest console. Frank and Joe still competed against each other. But while the contest started, the owner announced that he lost the money in his box. He said he wouldn't start the contest until the person gave the money back. Who is the thief? Who will win the contest? Read this book to find out.
Trouble at the Arcade 

The Lie

Member Story

Andrea just got out of school with a pile of homework, but she didn't want to do them.  So,she hid them in her room.  And when her mom asked her about it, she said there was no homework.  After that, a little figure popped out of the air like magic.

When Andrea asked who she is, she said she was a lie.  Now, every time Andrea told a lie, the lie would grow bigger. 

Andrea couldn't stand it any more.  She needed help, but when she told her friends, they all laughed at her.  The lie was getting bigger and it ate her house.

When Andrea finally shouted, "I TOLD A LIE!" the lie exploded.  Then everything was back to normal. Then, after those days, Andrea never told another lie.

The Tree House

Member Story

"Come on, Ahmed!" whispered 8-year-old Hassan, tiptoeing across his parents' room.
"I am coming.  I am coming," whispered Ahmed, walking really slowly.
The two identical brothers, Hassan and Ahmed ran out of their house to make a tree house outside with their friends. They did it secretly because their mom was afraid they would catch a cold and didn't let them go outside.

A little while later...

"Finally, what took you so long?" sighed Yusuf, their friend who was 8 years old.
"Oh, well, we kinda slept a little later than before," said Ahmed.
"Oh, well, at least you are here.  Now we can finish our clubhouse."
"Yusuf, where is your younger brother, Ibrahim?" asked Hassan curiously.
"He caught the flu. I am scared I will be next to catch it," said Yusuf nervously.
"Inshallah, you won't." said Ahmed.
"Well let's finish this tree house. It will take longer than we hope if we don't start now," said Hassan.
"Yusuf, I was thinking that this tree house is a little close to our house. Won't my mom see it?" said Ahmed.
"She probably won't. She hardly goes outside," said Yusuf.
"Yeah, let's get to work," said Ahmed.
They started to work and the sun started rising so they both went home and slept.
In the morning, their mom said, "Come, Ahmed and Hassan, I am going grocery shopping."
When they were going, Hassan and Ahmed's mom saw the tree house and said, "What is this?  Do you know anything about it? It is beautiful," their mom said, pointing to the almost-done tree house.
Ahmed, reluctant to speak, said, "Well, umm. We did help make it. "
"But not for that long," said Hassan quickly.
"You made this! But how? You ever went outside," said their mom, surprised.
"Well you know..We...We....kin..da...diiiid..i.t.in....the...morning," said Ahmed.
"You What!! You will be grounded for two days," said their mom, while heading back home.
From then on, Ahmed and Hassan always obeyed their mom.

The Lost Cat

Member Story

"I love you, Cat, and I will keep you forever," shouted Husna.
"Meow," purred the cat named Whiskers.
9-year-old Husna went upstairs to her room with her Whiskers.
"Come on, Kitty, let's go play," suggested Husna, walking into her room.
"HUSNA! Brush your teeth and pray Isha and then go to bed," said Husna's mom.
"AWW! But, Mom, Whiskers and I were just about to play!" shouted Husna.
"Now, Husna," said Husna's mom.
"Ok, Kitty, wait here.  Let me go brush my teeth and make wudu," said Husna.
After Husna finished brushing her teeth and made wudu, she prayed and went to sleep.
In the morning...
"Time to wake up, Whiskers!" said Husna, yawning.
"Whiskers?" Husna said, looking on her bed where Whiskers usually slept.
"MOM! I can't find Whiskers," shouted Husna and then glanced at her clock and said, "Oops. My mom is sleeping. It is 6:32."
She looked all over the house and she saw footsteps to somewhere.  They were Whiskers' footprints. She followed them and saw a hole in the wall that was never there before.
"Whiskers," whispered Husna, wandering into the dark hole.
"Meow," purred Whiskers.
"Whiskers, I found you!" She grabbed Whiskers and they got out of the hole.
It closed as soon as they came out. When her mom woke up, she told her what happened. No one believed her. They just said, "You were probably dreaming."

 The End

The Superbowl

Member Story

"I don't want to go!" said a 2-year-old kid named Hamza.
"But you will have to!" said Hamza's mom.
"Hamza, just come, we are going to be late for the Superbowl!" complained Hamza's brother who was 12 and named Ahmed.
"I am not going!" said Hamza, running away from the door.
"We got amazing tickets. It will be a blast," said Ahmed's dad.
"I don't want to go. I hate football. I only like soccer!" said Hamza.
"Well, then you will have to stay here and you will be all alone," said Hamza's mom, pretending to exit the door.
"No!" cried Hamza, grabbing his mom's leg.

"Looks like we made on time!" said Ahmed, sitting down.
"We got front seats, the best!" said Ahmed's dad.
"Hello everyone, and welcome to this year's Superbowl!" said the commentary man.
"We have here...the Giants!"
Everyone clapped.
"And on my left, we have the Patriots!" said the commentary man.
Again everyone clapped. The game started and the Patriots were in the lead by 7 points.
"The Giants only need  one more touchdown to tie!" said Ahmed, voting for the Giants.
"The Giants score!" said the commentary man a minute later.
"It's a tie, folks, with only six minutes left in the game!" said the commentary man.
The quarterback in the Giants looked for a man to pass the ball to. Suddenly, a player from the Patriots ran and jumped on the quarterback.  Blindly the quarterback threw the ball.  A man caught it and made a touchdown.
"Touch down!" yelled the commentary man.
"The Giants won!" yelled Ahmed, who was very happy.
Suddenly, a player from the Patriots tackled a player from the Giants. They fought. Soon, the whole Patriot team started to fight the Giants. Punches and kicks flew everywhere. Suddenly, the police came. The Patriots didn't stop fighting.
"Finally, something interesting," said Hamza.
But the Patriots soon stopped and Ahmed and his family went home.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Magic Tree House #12 - Polar Bears Past Bedtime

Jack and Annie travel to the Arctic in their pajamas!  Luckily a seal hunter gives them warm clothes. Then Annie finds polar bear cubs.  But then she gets trapped on thin ice with them!

I liked this story because it was adventurous and I like adventurous stories.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Young Entrepreneur

Member Story
 "Ring! Ring! Ring!"

"Huh?" Jennah opened her eye a crack. Bright warm sunlight filtered into her room, lighting up her pale pink walls, leaving her room bright and cheery. Brightly colored birds chirped a musical tune that made Jennah smile. Lifting up her head, she turned off her alarm clock. She stretched, then tossed up her covers, thanking Allah for a good night's sleep. She quickly changed into a pair of jeans and a warm sweater, then bounded out of her room. Feeling rather energetic, she slid down the stairs on a big metal disk (a method her brother had taught her) to get a head start on her day. Having being the first one up, she didn't have to worry about thinking up an excuse for skipping breakfast. Of course, she grabbed an apple and slipped an energy bar into her pocket for later but, other then that, she didn't eat anything. Jennah dashed out the door and hopped onto her bike. In seconds, she was pedaling down the sidewalk briskly, heading towards Spring Garden Park.
When she arrived, she noticed that the parking lot was full. She hoped it wouldn't have any affect on her day. She turned onto a gravel road and passed the park quickly.  She headed off onto a fairly wide path that gradually narrowed to nothing. But this didn't fool Jennah. Past this supposedly "end of the road," there was a small trail of pebbles Jennah had left while exploring. She carefully steered her bike along the pebble trail until she reached her Hidden Grove.
The Hidden Grove was a large pond surrounded by leafy green trees casting shade along its shimmering edges. Deer occasionally stopped by to sip some crystal-clear water, while birds bathed in the shallow waters of its corners. As she parked her bike along a tall birch tree, she couldn't help feeling...well...magical! All of a sudden, she felt like she had to sketch the glorious scene.
Subhanallah! What a marvelous creation, she thought.  She reached into the pocket of her jeans and pulled out a small sketchpad and a pencil stub. She scribbled out the outline, then gave faint smudged details. Then she crammed it back in her pocket and got to work doing her normal routine. First, she pulled out some bird seed from the bag tied to her bike. She filled up the large bird feeder hanging from a low branch in a nearby pine tree. She grabbed the bag, then climbed up to the middle branch, then lay down and relaxed up in the tree. A woodpecker hopped about the branch, darting away into the next tree when she lifted her head. 
Smiling, she crawled along the broad branch she was on and closed her eyes. Suddenly, her phone rang. Startled, Jennah toppled off the branch and fell down to the far away ground! She opened her mouth to scream but nothing came out. She realized that she was no longer falling. Glancing up, she noticed that her shirt was caught on a protruding limb. Gratefully, she made a du'a to Allah, thanking him for saving her. She climbed down and pedaled away on her bike, anxious to get home before her mother threw a fit. 
The next day, Jennah sat in bed staring at her sketch that she had drawn the day before. Then, it had looked crummy compared to the real thing. But, now, it was a true wonder. A real work of art. However, the one thing that set it apart from the real thing was its lack of color. She realized that it would look better in paint. That's when an idea hit her! She could paint the Hidden Grove! She quickly grabbed her paint set and ran downstairs. Once she was outside, she stuffed her paints into her bag on her bike and took off. 
Once she arrived at Hidden Grove, she wasted no time setting up her easel and paints. She adjusted her easel to fit the canvas she had picked out, then squeezed paint onto her pallet. She got a pencil and quickly sketched an outline.  At first, she scribbled out the outlines, but then she perfected the lines until they were smooth as a pebble in a stream. She sketched the long leaves of the tree, adding every last detail of its stem, then kissed the page. The next step was adding color. She dipped her paintbrush in the blue paint and filled out the pond. She added some white to the blue to lighten it then faintly went over the parts where the sun would have hit it. However, for there to be the suns light, there must be a sun. She quickly painted that with a few strokes of vivid yellow. Then she moved onto the trees. Each one, she noticed, had it's own unique green so she painted them all with different shades of vibrant green, varying in lightness and darkness. After she had finished up with her painting, she was so impressed she could have hugged it. And in fact, she would, if it wasn't covered in wet paint, of course! She set it out in the sun to dry while she lay sun-bathing in the sun's warmth. After the painting was dry, she packed up her things and hit the road, or in this case, a path of pebbles. 
Soon she was pulling into her driveway and wheeling her bike into the garage. As she opened up the door, she found herself facing her angry mother.
"Mother...I went to the park. That's all," Jennah whimpered. Jennah's mother sighed. 
"Ok. I just don't want you going there without one of us. Do I make myself clear?"
"Yes, mother," Jennah sighed in defeat. 
"Wait! Jennah!" 
"What is that behind you?"
"Oh. That? It's my....painting," Jennah admitted. Jennah's mom reached out and grabbed her painting of Hidden Grove.
"Masha Allah! Oh Jennah, did you paint this?"
"Yes, Mother." 
"Jennah, this is beautiful! Wait. Jennah, you did such a good job that you had to have seen it in real life. Is this real?" Jennah's mom inquired eagerly.
Jennah wanted to keep Hidden Grove a secret but she couldn't tell a lie.
"Well....," Jennah started.
"Hi Jennah!" her dad called. Jennah let out a sigh of relief.
"Hi, Dad!"
"Did you have a good day? It sure looks like it!" he said staring at his paint-splattered daughter.
"It looks like you've been painting. What did you paint? Can I see it?" he asked her. Jennah handed her father her painting of Hidden Grove anxiously. Once again, Jennah had to see her father go through all the oohs and ahhs as he marveled at her painting. Silently, she tried to slip away, but was too slow.
"Jennah, you never answered my question," her mom called. Jennah whimpered.
"Well," she began.
"You see, it's kind of a secret."
"A secret? Why keep such a beautiful place like this a secret?" Jennah's dad exclaimed, still staring at the painting.
"It's obviously a cool place!" Jennah 's mom chipped in dreamily. Jennah could tell her mother was thinking of a bunch of lawn chairs around the pond and the pond set up like a pool. All chlorine smelling and— No! Jennah interrupted her own thoughts. No one, NO ONE, was going to change Hidden Grove.
"Mom, if I show you, you must promise never to show ANYBODY. Got it?" Jennah said firmly.
"Because if people come to see it they'll turn the pond into a pool and cut down the trees and leave the animals homeless and set up chairs and maybe even put sand on the ground!" By now, Jennah was out of breath.
"Oh. I see," her mother said. Jennah's dad nodded. Suddenly, Jennah's mom's eyes lit up.
"Jennah! You could sell this!" Jennah felt excited, almost about to burst! 
"Mom, that's a great idea! Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!" Then Jennah frowned. 
"But how do we make more to sell?" Jennah's mom smiled. I think I know!" she said mysteriously.
The next day, Jennah was sitting on a chair on her lawn smiling and showing everyone who walked by paintings, all displayed on a table in front of her. She grinned as she accepted money from a 12-year-old boy who was interested in a painting of raccoon that she had painted yesterday.  In fact, ALL the 25 paintings in front of her had been painted yesterday at Hidden Grove. She handed him back some change and watched him walk away. 
"Wow," she said out loud. All because of one little painting, she now had a small, money-making business that she called Nature's Nook. Proudly she collected the money she had made that day and a huge smile spread across her face. So wide that her mouth hurt. So wide that her lips cracked! The reason of her too-good-to-be-true smile was the amount of money she had made. And that lucky number of her happy day was $50! Not able to contain her wild excitement, she fled to her house, bursting with pride and cheeriness.
"MOM! DAD! COME HERE! NOW!" She hollered, jumping up and down. Her parents hurried to the living room, excited.
"Mom! Dad! Guess how much I made!" she said, hopping on her couch.
"How much?" they said in unison.
"$50 DOLLARS!" she screamed at the top of her lungs. Her parents half-flinched at the noise, half-grinned at her money.
"Wow!" her mom cheered, wrapping Jennah into a giant bear hug. 
"Cool," her dad said, smiling at Jennah and clapping her on the back.
"You know...when I was your age I made—"
"Dad, please don't start with the stories again!" Jennah groaned. He grinned and hugged Jennah also.
"You really make me proud, you know that?" he said releasing a squirming Jennah.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Candy Land

Member Story
Sarah woke up suddenly.  She was sleeping on a cloud of cotton candy.  When she turned to move, she accidentally rolled over the cloud and fell.  Then a bird flew down and carried her down to safety, then flew back in the sky.
"Where am I?" she said.
"Why, you are in Candy Land, of course," said a man.
Sarah turned around and gasped.  The man was a piece of toffee.  Sarah screamed and the queen heard her and came out of her castle.
"All hail to Queen Bubblegum!"
When she saw Sarah not bowing down and that she was not a candy, the queen said, "Seize her!"
Sarah ran for her life.  As she ran, she saw a pink door.  "Maybe that's the way out."  Sarah broke into the door and closed it behind her.  She was back in her room at midnight.
"Looks like it's time to go to bed," she said and drifted off to sleep very soundly.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

The Bully Gets Bullied

Member Stories
"So this is our new house," said a 12-year-old boy named Ahmed's mom.
"I still don't get why we had to move to Delaware," said Ahmed.
"Because I found a job hereNow start unloading the car," said Ahmed's dad.
"Ok," said Ahmed, grabbing a suitcase and started heading for his new house.
"Oh yeah, don't forget that tomorrow you have school.  It's a block from here," said Ahmed's mom.
"School? Already?" said Ahmed, not looking forward to the next day.
"Wake up, Ahmed!" said Ahmed's mom early in the morning.
"What?" said Ahmed rubbing his eyes.
"You are going to be late!" said Ahmed's mom, grabbing the blanket away from him.
"Ok, I will come," said Ahmed getting up and heading for the stairs.
"Ok, see you, Mom!" said Ahmed a few minutes later.
Ahmed entered the bus and someone tripped him when he was looking for a seat.
"Who did that?" said Ahmed and everyone gasped.
"I did," said a boy who looked mean.
"Well, why did you?" said Ahmed and then again everyone gasped.  Ahmed realized that the boy who tripped him was the bully of the school.
"What do you mean why did I do that?" said the bully.
"I mean, you can't just go around tripping people," said Ahmed.
"Oh yes I can," said the bully getting up and throwing a punch at Ahmed.  But Ahmed grabbed the bully's hand and twisted it.
The bully threw another punch but Ahmed ducked and grabbed the bully's legs and the bully fell down hard.
"Next time don't mess with a new kid," said Ahmed who realized he gave the bully a bloody nose.
After Ahmed left the bus, everyone gathered around him like he was a celebrity. Ahmed started looking for his locker when the bully came to him.
"You know you are going to regret that," the bully said.
"Don't cry," said Ahmed.
"You're just a kid who tries to act cool," said the bully, shoving Ahmed.
"You know, I thought only 7-year-old kids say that," said Ahmed, giving the bully a shove back.
"That's it!" said the bully, jumping on Ahmed.
"You fight like a 3-year-old kid," said Ahmed, dodging all of the bully's punches.
Ahmed again gave the bully a bloody nose and walked to his first class. After school, Ahmed met the bully outside again.
"I don't feel like fighting with you.  I will just give you another bloody nose," said Ahmed.
"I want to be friends," said the bully, putting his hand out.
"Um...okay," said Ahmed, shaking the bully's hand and realizing that he hand mud on his hand and now Ahmed's hand was covered with mud.
"Tricked you!" said the bully.
"You are going to regret that!" said Ahmed, jumping on the bully.
Ahmed beat up the bully so badly that when the bully left he was limping.
"Don't come back.  I am an expert in bullying.  I was a bully in my old school!" said Ahmed.
The bully never stood close to Ahmed again.

The Pranker

Member Story

A twelve-year-old boy named Ahmed walked down the street, thinking of a prank to play on his friends. Today, he had already put hot sauce into a ketchup container. He tricked his brother who hated hot sauce. Ahmed also had a shock pen which he gave his brother for a gift. His brother got shocked by the pen and got very mad.
Ahmed figured he was good at making pranks so he took it to the next level. He started to prank his friends.
"So where are my folders for my class, Ahmed?" asked Ahmed's best friend.
"What do you mean?" asked Ahmed, trying to handle his laughter.
"You changed them with Pre-school worksheets so when I showed my teacher this, she thought I did it," said Ahmed's best friend named Hamza.
"Ok, here," said Ahmed reaching in his bag to get the folders.  But he felt something wet in it.
"Haha! I finally played a prank on you!" said Hamza.
"What do you mean?" asked Ahmed.
"I put the wet stuff in your bag!" said Hamza.
"You're such a copycat," said Ahmed.
"Well maybe I am better in playing pranks than you!" said Hamza.
"Well, let's find out. The prank war is on!" said Ahmed, giving over his hand to Hamza.
"What?" said Hamza.
"Shake my hand.  It's a deal - the winner is the best at pranking," said Ahmed.
"Ok," said Hamza, shaking Ahmed's hand and realizing there was mud on Ahmed's hand so now it was on his hand.
"First prank," said Ahmed laughing.
"Oh, I will get you back," said Hamza laughing.
"Alright, see you around," said Ahmed, walking away to his class.
At lunch, Hamza and Ahmed met. Ahmed secretly changed Hamza's money with fake money. When Hamza gave the cafeteria lady the money, the lady laughed and said, "Are you trying to make a joke?" and sent Hamza to get real money.
Ahmed gave Hamza his money and counted two pranks.
"Those are enough pranks.  You won!" said Hamza.
"Told you I am the best pranker," said Ahmed, walking home after school.
Ahmed realized pranking was annoying so he stopped. Well, not really. He only does one prank a week now. 

Monday, January 14, 2013

The Invention

Member Story

"I finally made my newest and best invention," said a professor named Ahmed.
"What does it do?" asked his assistant.
"It is a thing that looks like a pencil, but when you point the eraser at someone and press the eraser, it will shrink whatever you are pointing at!" said Ahmed.
"Ingenious!" said Ahmed's assistant.
"Now who shall I test it on?" said Ahmed, looking around the room.
Intruder Alert! Intruder Alert!
"Someone broke into our base!" said his assistant.
Suddenly, a man came in and grabbed the shrink ray and shrunk Ahmed. The man ran away and put a fire in the place. But Ahmed's assistant rescued Ahmed and took him to safety.
"What do I do?  After years of research!" said Ahmed.
"We are in big trouble!" said his assistant.
"What?" asked Ahmed.
"You are shrunk!" yelled his assistant.
"I am so small!" said Ahmed.
"What do we do?" said his assistant.
"In the shrink ray, there is a button which can unshrink someone," said Ahmed.
"We need the weapon.  What shall we use?" asked his assistant.
"I have a big robot which you can sit in and control the robot's every step!" said Ahmed, running to his garage.
"This guy is really ingenious!" said his assistant.
When Ahmed came out he was in a robot that was the size of a 1-story building and started following some footsteps of the man who stole his machine. It lead to a small house.
"This is where he lives!" said Ahmed, running to knock over the house.
"Hey, what are you doing?" said a man coming out of the house.
Immediately, the man realized this was the professor and got the shrinking ray and started to shoot at Ahmed.
"Missed me!" said Ahmed who grabbed the man and the shrinking ray.
"Let go of me!" said the man.
"Nope!" said Ahmed who unshrunk himself and threw the man far away. Ahmed was finally his normal size again.

The Unexpected Guest

Member Story

"Hamza, get the door!" said an eleven-year-old boy's mom.
"Okay, coming," said Hamza, running downstairs to the door.
"When he opened the door, he saw his worst nightmare: his cousin. His cousin was two years older then him and named Muhammad.
"Hello!" said Muhammad, giving Hamza a very tight hug.
"Ca..n't breat..h," said Hamza, gasping for air.
"Look who it is: my favorite nephew!" said Hamza's uncle, giving Hamza a very tight hug, too.
"I am your only nephew," said Hamza under his breath.
"Oh, look who it is!" said Hamza's mom, coming to greet them.
"So, Hamza, how about you show Muhammad your room?" said Hamza's mom.
"Uh...I don't think that will be needed," said Hamza.
"Hamza, now," said Hamza's mom.
"Fine, come on, Muhammad," said Hamza.
"Wow!  You have such a small room," said Muhammad, as he entered.
I can't wait till he leaves, Hamza thought.
"Don't touch that," growled Hamza.
"Why not?" asked Muhammad, making an annoying face on purpose.
"Because it will break," said Hamza, starting to get mean.
"Well, I can do whatever I like," said Muhammad.
"Well, no you can't," said Hamza.
"You're acting like a 2-year-old," said Muhammad, stepping closer to Hamza.
"I know you are, but what about me?" said Hamza, stepping closer to Muhammad.
"You think you're so cool but you're not," said Muhammad, putting his fist next to his face.
"And how am I acting cool?" asked Hamza, getting really annoyed.
"You know I could beat you up right know," said Muhammad.
"I would like to see you try," said Hamza.
"You are going to regret that!" said Muhammad, jumping on Hamza.
Muhammad tackled Hamza, but Hamza grabbed his hand before he punched him and twisted it.
"Ouch," said Muhammad trying to kick Hamza but Hamza grabbed his leg and threw him against the wall.
Muhammad struggled to get up. Hamza still just stood there like nothing happened.
"I thought you were going to beat me?" asked Hamza, dusting imaginary dust off his shoulder.
"You wait till I tell my parents," said Muhammad, limping down the stairs.
"Muhammad, what happened to you?" asked Hamza's mom, astonished.
"Hamza jumped on me when I was helping clean his room.  He said that he hates me and that he wished I wasn't alive," lied Muhammad.
"Not so fast," said Hamza, coming downstairs.  "I had a video camera in my room when Muhammad  came in so I could show how annoying he was.  Here is the true video."
Hamza's mom got the video camera and everyone gathered around to watch. Muhammad's parents grounded him for a week.  

Mayor for a Day

Member Story

"I can't believe it!" said a 16-year-old boy named Ahmed.
"What happened?" asked Ahmed's 12-year-old sister who ran into the room.
"I entered a contest last month and I won!" said Ahmed.
"Still not seeing why you're so happy," said his sister.
"I am happy because the prize is that I get to be a mayor for a day!" said Ahmed.
"You can be what for a day?" asked his 14-year-old brother who ran into the room.
"A mayor!" said Ahmed.
"When will you start?" asked his sister.
"Tomorrow!" said Ahmed.
"What's all the ruckus about?" said Ahmed's mom, entering the room.
"Ahmed won a contest!" said Ahmed's sister.
"The one in which you get to be a mayor for a day for the prize?" asked Ahmed's mom.
"Yes!" said Ahmed.
"That's great!  How about I take you to the library to get a book about mayors?" asked Ahmed's mom.
"Well, Mom, you see, I don't really want to read books.  I already know stuff about mayors," said Ahmed.
"Like what?" asked Ahmed's sister.
"Like you get to make rules, you get to boss people around, and you get free food," said Ahmed.
"Well, you also have to work a lot or else this city will be ruined," said Ahmed's mom.
"Mom, it's also only one day.  I am going to sleep so tomorrow hurries and comes," said Ahmed running to his bedroom.
The next morning, Ahmed wore a suit and drove to the mayor's office. Ahmed looked for the room where the mayor lived and found it.
"Excuse me," said Ahmed, entering the room.
"You must be the winner of the contest," said a man who had to be the mayor.
"Yes, I am," said Ahmed
"Do you know how to be a mayor?" said the man.
"Not really," said Ahmed.
"Too bad.  Go back home," said the man.
"What?" said Ahmed.
"Go.  You don't know how to be a mayor. If you don't know how to, the city will be ruined," said the man.
Ahmed went home mad. He wished he had learned about mayors. Next time he would be ready.

The Old House

Member Story

"I am not going in there!" said a 12-year-old boy named Ahmed.
"Are you chicken?" asked a 12-year-old boy named Ibrahim.
"No!" said Ahmed, shoving Ibrahim.
"Then go in there," said Ibrahim.
"Well, you go in there first," said Ahmed backing away from the old house.
"Come with me," asked Ibrahim who backed away from the house, too.
"No way!  People say it's haunted," said Ahmed.
"Come with me," insisted Ibrahim.
"How are you going to make me?" asked Ahmed, still looking at the house which gave him the creeps.
"I will give you $5 dollars," said Ibrahim, pulling a 5-dollar bill out of his pocket.
"$10?" asked Ahmed, still not so sure.
"Fine, I will give it to you after we come back," said Ibrahim, entering the house with a flashlight.
"This house is so dark," said Ahmed, breaking some cobwebs.
"Nobody lived here for ages," said Ibrahim.
"So what are we doing here?" asked Ahmed.  "Ibrahim?"
Ahmed looked for Ibrahim but couldn't find him. Suddenly he felt a tap on his back.
"Ahhhhhh!" yelled Ahmed before realizing Ibrahim tapped his back.
"You should have seen your face!" said Ibrahim laughing.
"You are going to regret that!" said Ahmed, jumping on Ibrahim.
"Get off me!" said Ibrahim, tackling Ahmed but suddenly felt something.
Ibrahim and Ahmed slowly got up and saw a man who looked like a sumo wrestler. The man grabbed Ibrahim and Ahmed and took them downstairs.
"What are you doing here!?" asked the man.
Ibrahim and Ahmed were too scared to answer.
"I said what are you doing here?!" asked the man .
"We thought nobody lived here," said Ahmed.
"Well even if I didn't live here, you're not supposed to go into random houses!" said the man.
"Well, thank you for this lesson, but I think we will be going now," said Ibrahim who started to run with Ahmed.
"Not so fast," said the man, grabbing Ibrahim and Ahmed and tying them up.
"What are you going to do with us?" asked Ibrahim.
"Tomorrow I am going to take you to a foreign land," the man laughed.
The man left and Ibrahim and Ahmed tried thinking of a way out.  Ahmed suddenly got the rope loose and broke a window.
"Let's get out of here!" yelled Ibrahim as they ran out and went home.
That night they were so scared they never passed that house again.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Hiking Disaster

Member Story
"Should I go first?" Amanda asked her older brother as she peered at the rushing water in the large creek, hurling sprays of misty water at the two figures on the shore.

"Go ahead," he replied, shoving her forward. Amanda stumbled and caught herself inches away from the deep raging water that could have swept her away.

"ANDREW!"she screeched, purposely falling backwards on her brother, knocking him backwards onto the hard, rocky ground. Andrew yelped in pain as his back was pressed against the sharp pebbles from the weight of his sister. He pushed her off and scooped up a handful of rocks. Amanda flinched.
"Andrew...You wouldn't!" she said nervously.
"Says who?" he taunted, hurling the rocks at Amanda. The pebbles bit her skin and left bruises and scratches. Amanda picked up a big rock and mercilessly bashed it against his shoulder.
"Take that!" she screeched.
"And that!" She kicked him in the side. Andrew moaned. Amanda snorted and placed a foot on a rock in the stream. She moved forward easily, picked certain rocks out and tested them before applying her weight. As she reached the middle of the stream, she glanced around. Instantly, a wave of fear washed onto her. She whimpered as waves battered the boulder she stood on, soaking the the moss that surrounded her. She sat down and clutched her dress.
"Andrew!" she hollered. Silence.
"Andrew!" she repeated.
"Andrew? I'm sorry." Something stirred on the shore.
"Andrew!" she cheered.
"Amanda?" a lady's voice replied. That wasn't Andrew.
"Mom?" Amanda called.
"Amanda, what are you doing out there?" Amanda's mom called.
"Oh, I'm so sorry! Is Andrew ok?" Amanda called.
"No, he's not ok! His shoulder has a bruise the size of a softball!" At that, Amanda winced. She took a deep breath and headed back. When she reached shore, she gasped. On Andrew's shoulder was a big black bruise where Amanda had hit him with the rock. Amanda's own body was speckled with bruises and cuts.
"Amanda, what happened to you?" Amanda's mom gasped.
"I cannot believe what happened to you two!" she raved.
"I leave you for a minute and this is what happens?" She threw her hands in the air. 
"What am I to do?" she said clutching her forehead, sitting down on a rotten log. Suddenly, she yelped and grabbed her bottom. She glanced at the log and screamed. For on that log there was a large black spider. Amanda paled. Amanda's mother sagged and whispered, "Am I going to end up looking like you two?" Then she turned and stared at the sky.
"Is this some curse on the woods? Why did we have to get it? Why us?"  Together, the injured crew staggered through the dense woods. Before they had gotten a quarter of the way to camp, Amanda and Andrew, who were holding hands, froze and stared to their right.
"A fawn!" Amanda whispered. Andrew just stared in awe. Suddenly, he leaped up and attempted to tackle the little fawn. Amanda who was still clutching his hand came along for the ride. They ended up in a heap, tangled in a thorn bush, two feet away from the fawn. Startled, it took off, leaving the two behind, scared and hurt. Soon, their mother came crashing through the brush to her children.
"Oh, dear!" She rushed to them and began plucking the thorns from their bodies. She carefully unwound the vine and inspected the children. Amanda, who had already gotten covered in scratches from the pebbles was now oozing blood out of the pebble-shaped scabs. Andrew's shoulder bruise was littered with thorns, all stuck in the tender blue, black skin. Amanda's mom sighed and helped them up.
Soon, they reached their camp.
"Amanda! Stephanie! Andrew! What happened to you?" Amanda and Andrew's dad exclaimed.
"It's a long story," Amanda sighed.
"I can tell!" he said staring at the bloody, bruised crew. He ushered them down on a bench that he had recently made and fumbled about for his phone.
"I wonder what's going to happen," Amanda grumbled. Their father was known to surprise them, even when it seemed like they couldn't be surprised. However, he always managed to make the surprises match the current event perfectly. Unfortunately, he never acknowledged the fact that half of the "surprises"  he gave them were highly dangerous. Both brother and sister watched their father until they were falling asleep. Their father had found his phone and was now engaged in a long boring conversation. Suddenly, Amanda jerked awake and gasped.
"Andrew......Look!" Andrew's head popped up.  Then he almost fell off the bench in shock for their dad was climbing the nearest pine tree, which was a good deal taller then their house!           
They watched as their father pulled himself up, clutching a flag that he carried in his mouth. He continued to climb until he was out of sight. They gasped and hurried to the base of the tree. Their father was already at the top and was sticking the large flag in the top most branch. They watched him climb down, sure-footed and swift. As he was nearing the bottom, he stopped and caught his breath then continued back down. Suddenly, he slipped and, his arms flailing, hit the ground with a thud. Just then, a helicopter came whizzing overhead. The driver saw the flag, then lowered the helicopter into the nearby clearing. Instantly, nineteen men came rushing into their camp, examining everyone, then placing them on stretchers that they wheeled back to the helicopter. Amanda sat up, but the men wheeling her stretcher, pushed her back down. At the helicopter, the driver was frantically making phone calls. By the time the men arrived with Amanda, Andrew and their parents, four ambulances had pulled up. Four men came out of each ambulance, grabbed a stretcher, and wheeled it into the ambulance. Amanda let out a sigh of relief, for she knew she was in good hands now.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Bad Kitty Meets the Baby

This is a funny book.  The only question I have is why would it be a baby?

This story is about a cat that meets a baby, but he thinks it's a dog. YIKES! The baby acts just like a cat! First, he thinks it's a cat. That kitty is jealous and is bad.

WAYSIDE SCHOOL is Falling Down

This story is about a weird school with weird teachers and weird students. This school is so strange. It is very serious.  For example, Maurecia who wears striped clothes to school, and Ron who says mushroom surprise tastes like hot dogs and grape jelly.

I loved this story because it's so funny. I think this story is so funny so I don't dislike anything about it.


This story is about a girl named Raina.  One day after Girl Scouts, she trips and falls, severely injuring her two front teeth.  What follows is a long and frustrating journey with on-again, off-again braces, surgery, embarrassing headgear, and even retainer with fake teeth attached.
Finally, now Raina gets normal, straight, pretty, nice teeth!

This story I certainly loved. I can't believe it was a true story!  I like it because it's funny and interesting. I didn't dislike anything.

The Farmer and Wolf Dog

Member Story

Once upon a time there was a farmer with lots of sheep.  One day the farmer's neighbor gave him his dog as a gift.  But this wasn't an ordinary dog.  It was a wolf dog.
"Take this," his neighbor said.
"Why thank you," the farmer said.  But every night the dog kept changing into a wolf and ate the farmer's sheep every night.
But one night, a baby sheep got stuck in the wolf's throat. The next morning the farmer saw the bulge and asked the wolf what was wrong. The wolf told him it was nothing. The farmer stayed with him and gave him medicine.
Then the wolf coughed the baby sheep out. Then the farmer said, "How could you?  I took care of you well.  How could you trick me?
The wolf said, "I am very sorry, but I am not a dog.  I am a wolf."  But the farmer showed no mercy and the next day, he killed the wolf.
The End

Scary Noises on Elm Street

Member Story

Cara woke up with a surprise.  She thought she heard something but it was probably a dream, so she went back to sleep.  The next morning her parents had bad news.
"Honey, sit down please," her dad said.
"OK."  She brought a chair and sat down.
"We're moving," he said.
"What!!" Cara said.  "But I don't want to go," she wailed.
"I'm sorry," her mom said.  "Now it's time you pack your things and get  dressed.  The movers will be here any minute."
Cara sighed.  She decided to call her friends Angelina and Jenny.
"Really," Jenny and Angelina said at the same time when she told them the news.
"Yeah, Mom says were moving into a place called  Elm Street I think."
"Huh!" they said together. "Don't go there. I'm warning you.  Bye."  
"No reception," Cara said.  "Oh well.  I'd better start packing."
"Mom, are you sure this place is safe?" Cara said a little while later when they had reached their new house.
"Of course it's safe," she said with a wicked smile.  Of course Cara was scared now.  "Let's unpack."
"Okay," Cara said when she stepped into the house.  "Phew, I'm so tired." Then she heard a noise coming from the basement.
"Mom, what's that noise?"
"Well, go check it out."
She did and found out that her mom, dad, and friends tricked her by putting a scary ghost costume on her dad.  They scared her nearly to death.  But they said they were sorry and went outside to order pizza.
The End

Second-Grade Friends

Jacob is worried when a "Real Author" comes to his classroom to look at everyone's work. He gets really scared. This story is nice.  I got it in 2nd grade.  I like it because I am always wondering what happens next.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

The Robbers

Member Story

One day a boy named Ahmed was walking down the street when he watched as policeman chased another man.  Ahmed helped the police man and started to chase the man, too.
"Officer, why are you chasing the man?" asked Ahmed as he ran.
"He is a robber. He ran away from me a lots of times, but not today," said the officer as he ran.
"Don't worry. I will catch him," said Ahmed with a sudden burst of speed.
Ahmed jumped on the robber and took him down. The robber took out his gun but the police jumped and grabbed the gun from the robber. The police tied him up and was about to put him in his car when another car came and five big muscular guys came out with machine guns.
"Hand us over the guy you tied up!" said one, pointing the gun at the police and Ahmed.
"N..o pro...bl..em," said the police, pushing the robber to the five guys. They left and speeded away with the robber.
"Aw man," said the policeman getting into the car.
"Wait.  Let's find there hideout," said Ahmed.
"I already know where they live.  It's just that everyone is scared of them," said the police, starting the engine.  "You need a ride home?"
"No thanks.  Can you give me the directions to their hideout?" said Ahmed.
"You can't win.  You're only one man, but if you insist," said the police handing him a paper.
"Thanks, see you around," said Ahmed.
"Ok, bye," said the policeman.
"Let's see who is strong and brave so they can help me take care of those robbers," said Ahmed, trying to think.
Suddenly, three muscular men passed by Ahmed. Ahmed ran to them and asked them if they could help. They didn't want to, but when Ahmed said he would give money, they all were in.
"Here's the plan: one of you pretend you want to join the team and then you let us in the hideout and then we take down one of them at a time," said Ahmed.
"Got it," they said.
Their plan worked and they the bad guys to jail and got a key to the city hall.

Stage Fright on a Summer Night - An Entertaining Story

Magic Tree House #25 - Stage Fright on a Summer Night

Jack and Annie go to old England to find a special magic thing.  On the way they, meet William Shakespeare and put on a play called "A Summer Night's Dream."  Read the story to see if they make it through the play.
I liked the story because it was funny and entertaining.

The Pirates

Member Story
"Tag, you're it!" said a 13-year-old boy named Ahmed.
"No, I hate playing tag in water!" said another 13-year-old boy named Hamza.
Hamza and Ahmed were identical twins. They both loved adventures. But they didn't know what adventure they would get today.
"Let's see who can stay underwater longer.  I'll go first, 1...2...3!" said Ahmed, diving into the water.
"1 alligator, 2 alligator, 3 alligator, 4 alligator, 5 alligator...Ahmed I think that is enough," said Hamza calling Ahmed.
"Ahmed! Ahmed, come up! You won!" said Hamza worriedly.  Just then Ahmed came up.
"You won't believe what I saw!" said Ahmed.
"What?" asked Hamza.
"I found an old boat!" said Ahmed diving down again.
"Oh well," said Hamza, diving into the water.
When they came down, they saw a boat with a flag on it that had crossed bones. Hamza came closer and found an old paper. He came out of the water and started to read it.

Dear journal,                                                                    7/3/1923
The wind today is really bad. I personally think that we won't make it. We just hid our treasure in this place called Delaware. I hope no one finds it. The way to the treasure - You find 1 big rock with 3 small rocks next to it and take ten steps from there.

"Wow!" said Ahmed.
"I am so happy!" said Hamza.
"Why?" said Ahmed.
"Remember we have one big rock and three rocks next to it in our backyard!" said Hamza.
"Awesome!" said Ahmed.
They followed the directions from their backyard and got shovels and started to dig and finally hit something. They opened it and found so much gold. They we really happy and got to buy whatever they wanted.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Day of the Dragon King

Magic Tree House #14 - Day of the Dragon King

Jack and Annie travel to Ancient China in search of a book to give to Morgan.  But on that day, all of China's books will be burned.Will Jack and Annie find the book that they need?  Read the book to find out.
I disliked the book because the emperor burned all the books.  But it still was a fun adventure book.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

John in The Chocolate Touch

This is a puppet of the main character in the story I read, "The Chocolate Touch."  His name is John. He likes chocolate more than any other food.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Animorphs - Visser

This book isn't part of the Animorphs series. It is written in the bad guy's point of view.  I liked it because I liked to hear the way the bad guy felt.  Sometimes he felt defeated and sometimes he felt superior. I also liked how the bad guy is really one of the good guys' moms. I disliked it because it gave a lot of details. I also didn't like how it didn't have a good ending.

Animorphs - The Reaction

In this book, Rachel, one of five kids who can turn into animals, has an allergy. Not any old allergy - an allergy that happens to people who can turn into animals. The allergy makes her turn into an animal without even making herself do it. What if she turns into an animal in front of her parents?  What if she morphs into an animal while the bad guy is watching her? 

I liked this book because it was tense. It had no negative sides.

Time Warp Trio: Knights of the Kitchen Table

"Time Warp Trio: Knights of the Kitchen Table" is a cool book. 3 kids get warped to a time 1,000 years ago and find themselves next to a deadly knight. Thankfully, they take him down, but then people think they are magicians. Will they escape?  Will they go home?

I liked this book because it was tense but I disliked it because it was short. Overall, it was great!

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Moonlight on the Magic Flute

In this book, Jack and Annie have to bring happiness to millions of people. They have to find a painter in a palace and tell him to share his gifts with everyone. I like this book because it has a nice girl who helps them. I like every part. I don't dislike it.

High Tide in Hawaii

Magic tree house #28 - High Tide in Hawaii

In "High Tide in Hawaii," Jack and Annie travel to Hawaii a long time ago to look for the last special magic thing.  But the next day, a gigantic tidal wave crashes on the shore.
I liked the book because it was full of interesting facts about Hawaii.  I disliked the book because Jack said mean things to Boka and Kama.  Read the book to find out what happens to Jack and Annie.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

If I Were in "The Chocolate Touch"

If I were in the book, I would be scared at first. If I were in the boy's house, I would tell him not to eat the candy. If he still ate it, I would tell everyone that he ate a chocolate. Then he would go to the doctor and maybe the doctor would cure him. So, if I was there, he would be cured easier. That's what I would do.

The Chocolate Touch

The story "The Chocolate Touch" is about a boy who loved chocolate so much that he would rather have chocolate than anything else. One day, he ate a chocolate when he wasn't allowed to. That chocolate was magic. It made anything his lips touch turn into chocolate. Soon he wanted water but he couldn’t because when he drank it, the water turned into a chocolate drink. Will he be able to  cure himself or not? Read the book to find out.

The main character was the boy. We are different because he is a boy and I am not.  He loves chocolate so much and I don't. We both are similar because we both are kids. That's how we are same and different.

Animorphs -The Android

In this book, Marco, one of the Animorphs, a person who can turn into any animal, meets his old friend Erek.
Marco doesn't really pay attention to him, but when they find out that Erek isn't a human, he figures out he is an Android. The good part is that Erek has super strength but the bad part is that he is programmed not to do any violence.
I liked this book because the Animorphs meet a new friend. I didn't like it because it gave too many details. But, overall, it was an awesome book.

No Talking!

I loved this book. It was about a boy who said girls talk too much. But a girl heard him and said, "Let's have a contest - boys against girls in which you cannot talk for 2 days." The boy agreed. Soon the teachers were involved and then the principal tried to make them stop.
Who will win? The boys or the girls? Or none?

Judy Moody No. 1

This book is about these kids who have a club, and then Judy Moody let's her two friends join. Then her brother wants to join but her sister says no. Next, Judy had gotten a venus fly trap. A boy named Stink feeds it a rotten hamburger. Judy Moody notices that her plant has died. The whole story is all about her trying to find who did it. Does she find out who had done it?

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Animorphs: The Change - An Awesome Book

In this book, Tobias gets the power to morph again after he stayed in a hawk morph for too long. I liked this story because Tobias meets the elimist, a creature that has amazing powers.  One of these powers is freezing time. I didn't dislike the book because it was awesome. Tobias also got to go in the past when he didn't have the powers to morph. I loved this book.