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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Swift Current by Angela Dorsey

Ali carefully walked into the feed shed, then looked up. Nothing. Last week, a bucket on the door had missed her by inches. There also had been other mysterious 'accidents' around the farm. She filled up her horses' feed buckets and then took Daydream, her old mare out onto the trails. As she passed the stalls, she realized that they were empty! Terrified, she rode into the woods, calling the horses' names. Suddenly, she heard noises and darted behind a tree. Peeking out, she saw a golden-haired figure stroking her horses' backs! Suddenly, the figure called out "It's ok. I won't hurt you." They soon engaged in a conversation and Ali discovered someone was trying to hurt her horses! Can golden-haired Angelica help save her horses! I really enjoy this book. I read it five times!


  1. Replies
    1. I love horses!! I want to go horse backriding!

    2. I want too more then yu do!

    3. I went horse back riding once,and nice story i would like to read it

    4. YOu are so LUCKY!!!! For how long?

    5. What is your favorite animaL?

    6. What? I like them and i especially like the patterns of spots and the speed.