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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Congratulations to the Winners of the March Contest!

This was a great month for AboutCoolBooks!  Quite a few new members have joined us and we are excited to welcome them to our club.

Lots of members won prizes this month.  First of all, congratulations to Huda Kose, Super Member of the Month for April!  Huda will win a six-dollar gift card to a store of her choice between Five Below, Barnes and Noble, Joann Fabrics, and Staples.

Congratulations to two Gold-Medal winners: Yusuf Kose, for earning 507 points, and Hajar Hammami, for earning 436 points.

Congratulations to two Bronze-Medal winners: Reahaam Almoraisi, for earning 170 points, and Hana Hubert, for earning 109 points.

All winners will receive prizes in the mail.  Don't forget that all participating members will also receive certificates of participation in the mail, as well.  Great job Adeeba Allimulla, Furkan Kose, and Merve Kekik!

Congratulations again to all the winners and don't forget to start reading for the April contest!

P.S. - There will be an extra surprise on AboutCoolBooks this month.  Pictures of the prizes and certificates will be posted soon, so keep checking the site!


This book is about when Gil and his friend Nargis discover some faded letters in an old desk drawer.  They have no idea they are opening a door to mystery. Letters, poems, coded messages, and other mysterious scripts combine with a chilling ghost story for a book that will keep readers guessing until the very last page.

The Sea Serpent

Member Story
Annie was walking along the beach, minding her own business.  Then she heard a rumbling sound.  She fell hard on the sandy shore.  Then, right in front of her, was a gigantic green sea serpent!  Luckily,Annie had a plan.  She rushed into her house, grabbed the longest and sharpest thing she could find and went outside.  By then, the serpent had gotten out of the sea and eating everyone.  It was about to eat her little sister!  Then, at the right moment, Annie charged and stuck the butcher knife and kept stabbing the monster and ripped him open.  After the monster was dead, everyone came to say thank you.  Annie was a hero.


Josefina Saves the Day: A Summer Story

In this story, Josefina meets an Americano or a person who comes from America.  He says that his name is Patrick O-toole.  Josefina trusts him and now he betrays her.  Read the story to find out what happens next to Josefina.  I liked this story because it was entertaining.  I liked it when Josefina got what she wanted.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Magic Tree House #43: Leprechaun in Late Winter

In this story, Jack and Annie go to Ireland in the nineteenth century to inspire a girl named Augusta. Then Jack makes a mistake and the Shee or fairies take Augusta to their secret place.Will they ever get her back?  Read the story to find out!  I liked this story because it was entertaining.


The book I am going to talk about is "Stone Fox."  It is about a boy named Willy who has a dog named Searchlight. Willy has a grandfather that is really sick. So then Willy participates in a dog race contest because people suggested that it would cure his sick grandfather.  I thought the book was really cool and interesting!! The main character was Willy and I thought he was a good main character!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Frankenstein Doesn't Plant Petunias

In this Bailey School Kids book, Melody is quite similar to and different from me. She wears a ponytail on her hair and so do I. I am not as brave as her to go around an old museum to a room that says "Private."  When she saw Dr. Victor come in surprise she didn't scream (like I would).  Instead, she gulped, "It's Dr.Victor." When they were being chased, she ran to the corner and into a room. That is most likely what I would do. That is the difference between her and me and that is how we are same.

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

In this story, Harry and his friends hear that someone wants to kill Harry. In that year in Hogwarts a new teacher comes in called Lupin. Soon they figure out that Lupin is Harry's dad's friend. But soon a prisoner breaks out of Azkaban (a prison that hasn't ever had a person break out). And that person is after Harry. I liked this book because it was cool. I didn't dislike it.

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone

In this book, a kid named Harry is a wizard but doesn't know because his aunt and uncle didn't tell him.  They said that his parents died by a car accident. But one day a letter came in the mail addressed to Harry. But the uncle hid all the letters. But one day a man named Hagrid came in the house and told Harry he was a wizard. I liked this book because it was tense. I didn't dislike it.

Animorphs #5: The Predator

In this story, Marco wants to quit being an animorph.  But now he has changed his mind because he now knows Visser One is his mother!  Marco is very sad when he sees his mother for the first time since he thought she died, and now she is the host body of Visser One.  I liked this story because Marco finally finds his mom.  If I was transported into this book, I would try to help Marco get his mom back.

Animorphs #25: The Extreme

In this story, Erek comes and tells the Animorphs that Visser 3 is making plans to make an ordinary swimming pool into a Yeerk pool by going to a certain place.  And that certain place is Alaska.  I liked this story because it is entertaining.  If I was transported into this book, I would help the Animorphs fight the Yeerks. The main character in this book is Marco.

American Girl: Meet Josefina

In this story, Josefina's aunt, Tia Dolores, is coming with her grandfather.  Then something bad happens.  I liked this story because it was entertaining.  If I was transported into this book, I wouldn't let Florecita, Josefina's goat, get out of her pen.  The main character in this book is Josefina.

The Lemonade Stand

Member Story

"You're it!" said Khadjia talking to her friend Hafsa.  But then Hafsa got tired from playing so she sat down. So then Khadjia wanted lemonade.  After that, the girls planned to make a lemonade stand to make money to buy a doll that they wanted.

So then they made the posters and everything. The next day, they set up the lemonade stand and put the posters up.  Then they brought the drink to the stand. But the problem was that nobody was around so they still had a lot of lemonade!!!

After waiting 30 minutes they decided to go back to the house to think of a plan to sell the drink.  Hafsa said, "We can go sell it at your house since lots of people walked by there!" Khadjia said, "That is a great idea!!"

So the girls went and sold the lemonade. But there was a problem.  The girls only had enough money to buy one doll!! So then Khadjia said, "Since it's my house, I get the money and buy the doll!!" But Hafsa said, "It's no fair because I thought of the idea too!"

So then the girls were both mad at each other and left!! They both decided to have their own stand!! They both made a lot of money. So then when Hafsa went to the store to buy her doll, Khadjia was there and they bumped into each other. They would not talk to each other!! But then Khadjia saw two girls having the same problem and saw them saying sorry to each other. Khadjia decided to go to Hafsa and apologize. She said, "Hafsa, I am sorry for being really selfish and keeping the money to myself and I hope you will forgive me." So then she said, "I do" and they hugged!!

After that they went back and continued the lemonade stand together! Then they were best friends again. "You will always be my best friend," said Hafsa. Khadjia said, "I'm glad to have you as my best friend too!"


Monday, March 25, 2013

Magic Tree House #16: Hour of the Olympics

In this story, Jack and Annie go to the Olympics and meet a famous poet.  My favorite part of this story is when Annie dresses up as a boy and plays the games in the Olympics.  If I was transported into this book, I would tell Annie not to do that because she might get caught.  I liked this story because it was entertaining.

Magic Tree House #1

In this story, Jack and Annie discover a mysterious tree house.  Later on, Annie points into a dinosaur book and wishes she could go there.  Now Jack and Annie meet a Pteranodon which Annie names Henry.  I liked this story because it was entertaining.  If I was transported into this book, I would show the tree house to Jack and Annie.

Magic Tree House #42: A Good Night for Ghosts

In this story, Jack and Annie go to New Orleans to bring happiness to many people. There,they meet Louis Armstrong as a boy!  I liked this story because it was entertaining.  If I was transported into this book, I would have lots of fun.

White Dolphin

This book is about a girl named Kara who was trying to save a dolphin by a trap that a mean guy put on the dolphin!  I loved the story because it's about dolphins and they are some of my favorite animals.  I also like it because I love when people help each other out and that is also why people should read the book!

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Animorphs #13: The Change

In this story, Tobias has been a hawk for a long time.  Then,the Ellimist tells him he can make him human again.  Before that, Tobias had seen two Hork-Bajir: Jera Hamee and Ket Helpak.  But they were not controllers.  My favorite part of the story was when Tobias was human again.  I liked this story because it mentioned animals and I like animal stories.

Animorphs Megamorphs #4: Back to Before

In this story, the Drode comes to Jake and tells him that he can go back in time to before they met Elfangor.  The problem is that Jake must decide now.  If he changes everything, they may not have their morphing powers.  I liked this story because it was not short, but it was long.  I also liked it because it was serious.

Animorphs #33: The Illusion

In this story, Tobias and the other Animorphs have found out that the Yeerks have found a way to make a person demorph.  Now Tobias gets an idea that someone must acquire Ax.  I liked this story because it was entertaining.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Danger At the Zoo by Kathleen Ernst

In this book, "Danger at the Zoo" the main character girl named Kit and boy named Will open the zoo gates and unveil a whole lot of danger, when actually the gates are supposed to be kept closed. The reason behind the danger at the zoo is because once the gate is opened by Kit and Will, you can imagine the different kinds of dangerous animals that were let out...and then their adventure and mystery of getting the animals back in the zoo begins.  It's a great book to read because there is mystery and it also sends a message about being responsible and kind towards animals.


This book is about a girl named Kara who tries to save a dolphin from a trap that a mean guy put on the dolphin. I like this story because I love dolphins and also love reading books and stories about them. The character Kara is caring by helping the dolphin be free from the trap.  I think people should read this book because the main character Kara is caring and kind to animals and humans.

The Lost Boy

Member Stories

"Ohhhhhh! Toys!" said Ahmed as he looked at the toys through the glass. Then Ahmed ran into the store without permission. When he came out, his mom was not there. Ahmed knew that his mom was going to come back for him so he went back into the store.  After 1 hour he came back outside and his mom was still not there and now he was scared!!  He searched all around the city and she was nowhere to be found. So then he went back to where he was and waited for his mom to come. Then finally she came and Ahmed hugged her so hard! He said, "Sorry, Mama. I will never leave without your permission!!"

Then the mom said, "Now did you want to go inside and check out the toys you wanted?" Then they were both happy again!!


Animorphs Megamorphs: Elfangor's Secret

In this story, Visser Four has found the Time Matrix.  It could cause trouble, so the Animorphs are trying to stop him.  My least favorite part was when somebody shot a bullet in Jake's head.  My favorite part was when he was still alive in the end.

Magic Ice Cream!!

Member Story 
One day a girl named Hafsa was in her room reading a book. Then, she heard the ice cream truck and ran outside. Once she got her ice cream, she sat down outside to eat it. When she was done with it, she turned around and her ice cream was full!!

"AAAAA!" yelled Hafsa.  She got really scared because she knew she finished it. So then Hafsa said, "Oh maybe I just thought I finished it." So then she ate it and threw it in the trash can. So, when Hafsa went back to her room, she saw the ice cream there again!!

"AAAAAAAA!" yelled Hafsa again. Now she was really scared. She had no clue what to do. So then she closed her eyes and when she opened them, the ice cream was not there anymore!! She was glad!! So then she went to her friend Mariam's house. When she got there, she told her friend everything that happened, but Mariam did not believe her.

So then Hafsa went to the bathroom and she froze. The ice cream was chasing her! So then she and Mariam were running and running, but then they went in a room and there were like 30 more of them!! Both of the girls were yelling and yelling, "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!"

Then they couldn't find the ice creams anymore and were so tired that they fell asleep. When Hafsa woke up, she was at her house with a book in her hand.  Also her mom was in the room asking her if she was OK. But then Hafsa said, "I just had the weirdest dream!!!!"


PIXIE TRICKS: Sporty Sprite

I thought this book was really cool and interesting!! I liked it because I love soceor and the book was about soccer. Also I felt like the book was really magical!  Asoccer team kept on winning because some fairy that was missing was cheating and was making them win!! The team that was winning was the red teamAlso, the fairy was really secretive so no one knew at first!  I also loved the story because it was really funny and I love funny things!! You should really read this book if you haven’t!!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Ghost from Ghost Camp

This is the ghost girl from the book "Ghost Camp" by R. L. Stine

Animorphs: Yeerk

This is what a Yeerk looks like.

Animorphs #38: The Arrival

In this story, some new Andalites come to Earth.  Now Ax, Jake, Rachel, Marco, Cassie, and Tobias have some new help.  I liked this story because it was funny.  My favorite part was when Ax broke the vending machine and stole some M&M's.

Wayside School Is Falling Down

This book is about a weird school that has weird kids and teachers!!  But just because they are weird it doesn't mean they are not serious.  I thought the book was just really really funny!!  My teacher read it to the class last year and we loved it!! Also, another reason I like it is that it's weird and I love weird things!! So, if you haven’t read the book, you should!!


I really loved the book "Charlotte's Web." It's about a pig that is going to be killed and his friends try helping him. I really like that because I love when people work together and try to help people and make them feel better. The worst part was that Charlotte died and I was really sad. That was the worst part of the story but otherwise I loved it. You will like it too.  Just read it and you will know the whole story and find out more!!

The Chocolate Touch

The book I am going to talk about is "The Chocolate Touch!" I had to write an essay on this book and I loved it. I thought it was cool how almost anything he touched or went next to turned into yummy chocolate. If I was the main character I would be scared because that is not normal. Especially if basically everything turns to chocolate!!!  Also, the boy would not eat anything else which is not good for your body.  The scariest part of the story to me was when the mom turned into chocolate!!!  Also the main character and I both would do anything for chocolate. So if you have not read the book yet you should really pick it up and start reading it!!!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Ramona and Me

I really like the Ramona and Beezus books. Ramona and I have lots of things in common.  First, both have an active imagination. Also, we both like weird and cool things. We also both have an older sister. I think it would be fun being the main character because I would be like the superstar of the book and I think everyone would like that. 

We also both do things we are not supposed to do by accident.  Ramona is really, really funny and has a really cool personality!!  I really like people with that kind of personality and she is always in a great mood just like me! So, if you haven't read the book yet, you should pick it up and read it!!

Ramona’s World

I have read this book and I wanted to talk about it!  The book is "Ramona’s World." In the book, Ramona finally goes to 4th grade. That is when she meets her best friend Daisy. The worst part is that Ramona does not like her new fourth grade teacher.  I really like the book because it's really funny and entertaining. Also I like that Ramona is the main character because she is hilarious and I just love it!  I think being the main character would be fun because I would be in most of the scenes and Ramona is! So you should really read the book!!

Monday, March 18, 2013

Ramona and Her Father

I really liked the book "Ramona and Her Father" because first her dad loses his job and so it's the mom's job to take care of the whole family. That part was sad but it's nice how the father and Ramona get to have some time together and have fun.  Also it was really funny when she called her teacher pie face. Ramona is really funny. She is my favorite charactar because she is hilarious and I love funny things. You should really read this book if you have a chance!!

Ramona The Brave

  I really liked the book "Ramona the Brave" because I like the way that Ramona is really confident and is not afraid to say what she thinks. Also, this is when she meets Susan on the first day of first grade. I would love to be the main character because I would be in most of the parts and most of the scenes of the story. Also, the main character who is Ramona is really, really funny and I like things that are funny. Funny things also make me more interested.

Ghosts Don't Eat Potato Chips

A boy named Eddie has a crazy aunt.  At least that's what he says.  He thinks that his aunt's husband who died is a ghost. Is he a ghost? Read the book to find out. I liked this because it was interesting.

The Babysitter's Club: Kristy Thomas

Here is the club founder and president.

The Babysitters Club: Mary Anne

This is Mary Anne Spier.

The Chicken in Goosebumps: Chicken Chicken

Here is the chicken.

Jake in Fly Morph

This is Jake in fly morph listening to everything Visser 1 says.

About Average by Andrew Clements

Jordan Johnston is a regular girl. "Plain and average" she calls herself. Everything she does is average. "What are we going to do with her?" said her parents one day. "She's just too average!" One day, a girl named Marlea finds her list of what she is awful at, good at and great at. The embarrassing part is she only has 2 things on her "Great At" list! After Marlea reads her list out loud, Jordan is furious. Meanwhile, Joe the weather guy is looking outside. The air feels funny. Frowning, he goes inside. Back at her school, Jordan is still fuming. In the middle of choir, the conductor starts waving his hands and hollering "Stop!" Someone is singing off key. Yet, even after they stopped singing, the raw loud noise continues. The conductor realizes that the noise comes from outside. As he opens up the door, winds slam him to the ground and a trash can smashes into his face. The kids panic as trash and debris flood into the building. What will she do?

Lost in the Wilderness by R. E. Toresen

Alicia can't wait until she goes on vacation! One morning at breakfast, Alicia's dad gets a phone call. It's some park ranger calling to ask her father to investigate some reports of "blue bears." Instantly, their vacation plans are canceled. Miserably, Alicia packs her bags and flies to the middle of the woods. She is dropped off at a lodge while her parents search for "blue bears."

There is a girl there named Suzanne who also rides horses like her. One day, as she is walking with her new friend, a girl slightly younger runs over. Instantly, she gives Alicia a cold shoulder as Suzanne introduces the girl as Lily. Lily is startled when Alicia is given Silas to ride.  He is the most dangerous horse on the farm. Fortunately, Alicia quickly befriends the horse.

The three ride into the woods and tie their horses to the trees and sit down. Suddenly, Lily exclaims, "I need to check Tofu's tether." After Lily returns, they return to the horses.  "Hey! Silas is gone!" Alicia hollers. Suzanne is horrified. They quickly go back and inform everyone of Silas's disappearance. Search parties go out. Miserably, the girls go to bed. The next day, Lily's horse Tofu is missing! Then, Suzanne's mom comes and tells them that Lily has gone, too. They realize that Lily has taken Tofu out on the trails to search for Silas!  They both hop on horses and hurry off to find them. Before long, Alicia hears a low rumble. Peering into the woods, she sees a mountain lion! What will they do?

Sunday, March 17, 2013

The Great Egyptian Grave Robbery by Sara Pennypacker

Stanley is unusual and awesome.  He is as flat as paper! He got flattened by a falling bulletin board when he was young. One day, Stanley receives a letter from an archaeologist.  He travels by airmail to Egypt to find a ancient treasure in the heart of a giant pyramid. But then Stanley finds himself face to face with thieves trying to steal the pyramid's treasure.  He gets forced to guide them to the hidden center! How can Stanley worm his way out of the mess he got himself in? This book is short, interesting and great!

Animorphs #17: The Underground

In this story, Rachel and the other Animorphs now know a secret to stopping the Yeerks.  The bad news is that the Yeerks get addicted to it.  And the thing is: oatmeal.  Now the only thing they have to is find a way to feed it to the Yeerks.  My favorite part of the story was when the Rachel  pretended to be a 25-year-old.  I liked this story because it was entertaining.

Goosebumps: Chicken Chicken

In this story, Crystal and her brother Cole bump into a woman named Vanessa who is said to have powers, and when they bump into her, she whispers a spell, "Chicken, chicken."
After that, Cole and Crystal start turning into chickens.  My favorite part of the story was when Cole and Crystal thought their mom was about to barbecue them.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

The Eagle's Shadow by Nora Martin

When Clearie's father sends her to Alaska, Clearie feels lost and alone. Her Aunt Ivy assumes Clearie is like her mother, who has a lekwaa x'ann, fighting spirit inside of her. On the first couple of days, Clearie sees Henry Jonee set the house down the road on fire. Clearie notices that both Henry Jonee and his father Tom Jonee hate her. After months, Clearie realizes that she belongs here all along.  As she is paddling down down the river, she sees Henry lighting her uncle's boat on fire! Quickly, she snaps a photo with the camera her father gave her as an early birthday gift. The next month, the police comes, looking for Henry Jonee. Clearie spots him hiding in their store. When worst comes to worst, what will Clearie do?

The Report Card by Andrew Clements

Nora Rose Rowley is a genius. She found all the pieces in a five-hundred piece puzzle right after she learned to walk. But she wants to be normal. In kindergarten, she copied her friend Stephen. Each day she would copy someone new and pretend to get questions wrong even though she knew the alphabet forwards and backwards. After years of being an average student, Nora feels like tests and quizzes are bad for kids. They make the smarter kids turn to stuck-up know-it-alls. Suddenly, Nora has an idea. She wants to show people that your grades don't matter. Determined, she purposely gets D's on all her work. That plan backfires and leaves Nora in trouble. That's when she gets the best idea ever! She could just be herself! For the whole day, Nora becomes a know-it-all. She outsmarts her science teacher and shows the class who she really is. Then she tells the class to get zeros on their next quizzes. Stephen even prints a flyer about it! Unfortunately, that plan also goes wrong and they end up in the principle's office. All the teachers are mad because she purposely got her question wrong when she was being so smart in class. The principal also says that Nora should skip to 8th grade! What will Nora do?

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Swift Current by Angela Dorsey

Ali carefully walked into the feed shed, then looked up. Nothing. Last week, a bucket on the door had missed her by inches. There also had been other mysterious 'accidents' around the farm. She filled up her horses' feed buckets and then took Daydream, her old mare out onto the trails. As she passed the stalls, she realized that they were empty! Terrified, she rode into the woods, calling the horses' names. Suddenly, she heard noises and darted behind a tree. Peeking out, she saw a golden-haired figure stroking her horses' backs! Suddenly, the figure called out "It's ok. I won't hurt you." They soon engaged in a conversation and Ali discovered someone was trying to hurt her horses! Can golden-haired Angelica help save her horses! I really enjoy this book. I read it five times!

The Perfect Pony by Lois Szymanski

Today is the day Niki has been waiting for! She can get her own horse! As she takes her seat, she sees her dream horse, a glittering white horse with a silky mane. Just looking at her, Niki picks out the perfect name: Princess. After the supplies, the horses come out but none of them was the Princess. Suddenly, Niki sees a sad beaten up horse. "The Doggers will get him for sure," Niki heard someone say. Furious, Niki chose the black pony—just before Princess came into the ring! Just then, Billy Baily, her school's bully shows up and gets the Princess! After Billy teased her about her sickly horse, Niki goes home determined to prove to him how nice her horse could be.  After grooming him to perfection, Niki named her horse Blackberry. Suddenly she learns that Billy is having problems with the Princess, who he named Warrior. Could Niki possibly help?

Pixie Tricks: Sporty Sprite

There are seven fairies missing and only Sprite, a fairy and Violet, a girl and Leon, her brother know that. There is a soccer team that keeps on winning because a fairy who got missing was cheating and helping the winning team, the red team. Sprite, Violet, and Leon try to stop Sport and take her home. What do they do to get Sport?

Goosebumps #45: Ghost Camp

In this story, Harry and his brother are going to summer camp.  But, when they get there, they notice the camp loves to play jokes on the new campers.  But the jokes are too scary.  First, a girl sticks her hand in the fire and does not have any burn marks.  Then, a boy sticks a fork into his neck, and jams a pole through his foot!  I did not like this story because it was too scary. The main character is Harry.

The Babysitters Club #31: Dawn's Wicked Stepsister

In this story, Dawn is exited because now Mary Anne and Dawn are stepsisters.  She thought they could be like regular sisters, but she was wrong.  As soon as Mary Anne has been in her house, she has been driving her crazy.  Will Dawn ever get along together with Mary Anne?  Read the story to find out.  I liked this story because it was not short and it was very interesting.

Animorphs #7: The Stranger

In this story, while the Animorphs are about be eaten by a hungry taxon, an Ellimist appears and tells them they have a chance to save the human race.  I liked this story because it was interesting and funny.  If I was transported into this book, I would accept the Ellimist's offer.  The main character is Rachel.

Ghost Don't Eat Potato Chips

In this story, Eddie has a great aunt whose husband died. Soon he sees a man in his great aunt's house. Eddie thinks it is his great uncle! Is it? Read this book. I liked this because it was cool. I didn't like this book because it was short.
Ghosts Don't Eat Potato Chips

The Orphan Girl, Tasnim

Member Story
Once upon a time there was an orphan named Tasnim. She was only 5 years old. Her parents died when she was only 1. No one ever adopted her. But one day...

"Yay! Someone will come and see if they want to adopt me!!" Tasnim shouted. There were 4 people in the orphanage. Today someone was going to adopt one of the kids. Tasnim was really excited.

Ding Dong Ding Dong. "Coming," said the kind owner of the orphanage.

"Hello! I would like to adopt one of the kids here," said one old woman.

"Well, come right in and I will show you around," said the owner named Sarah.

"Well, alright," said the lady.

"What kind of kid would you like?" said Sarah, showing her the kids.

"Hmm...Let me think...I got my choice.  Can I talk to you alone?" said the lady.

"Sure.  Kids go to your rooms," said Sarah.

"Do you know the girl with the pink dress? She looks good for me. What is her name?" said the lady.

"Oh, well her name is Huda," said Sarah.

"I will take her.  Could you get her clothes? I will go now," said the lady.

"I will go tell her the great news," said Sarah. In Huda's room...

"Um... Huda, you will be adopted!" said Sarah.

Huda shouted, "I will?! Oh, I can't wait. Can I go and tell the others?" 

"Sure," said Sarah.

Now that Huda left there were 3 kids in the orphanage. Tasnim was sad because no one adopted her. 

The next week two people came and one took Khadija and one took Nur.

Now the only ones left were Yasmeen and Tasim. Yasneem was 10. Tasnim was 5 and a half.

"Oh why am I still in the orphanage?  No one will want me!" sobbed Tasnim in her room.  One day a lady came and saw the two kids.  She chose Tasnim but by mistake Tasnim stepped on her foot and the lady screamed and said, "What bad manners!  I changed my mind. I will adopt Yasmeen." 

Well, now only Tasnim was left. After a year, this lady came. She wanted a 6-year-old. Tasnim was going to be 7 in 4 months. The lady decided to get her. 

Tasnim lived happily ever after. THE END!

Monday, March 11, 2013

The Pest

Member Story

Mary Anne had a younger sister who was a pest.  She followed her everywhere, read Mary Anne's books, played with her favorite toys, and even tried on her clothes! 

One day Mary Anne was very tired when she heard a thump and some loud crying. She realized that her little sister had fallen.  She rushed outside to see her sister sprawled on the sidewalk and cut so badly that she was bleeding.  After she wiped up the blood and put on band-aids, her sister said, "Mary Anne, since you have helped me, I will try not to be a pest anymore."

At this, Mary Anne smiled.  She knew today was going to be a great day.

The End