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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Magic Tree House: Christmas In Camelot

In this story, Camelots joy has been taken away!  It it up to Jack and Annie to get the water of Memory and Imagination to help save Camelot.  They must pass guards and dragons to get to the water.  Will they be able to do it?  Or will Camelot will be in darkness forever?
I really liked this story because it is funny, exciting, and adventurous.  I really think you will like it!

Thursday, November 21, 2013

''The Big Day''

Today was the day Ally would go to a new school.  She woke up, took a shower, got dressed, and went downstairs to eat breakfast.  When her mother saw her she said, ''Good morning honey.'' And Ally replied,''Good morning, mom.''
After breakfast, Ally waited at the bus stop for 5 minutes, and finally the bus came.  When it stopped, Alley went in and sat.  2 minutes later Ally was at the front of the school.  She took a deep breath and let it out.  Then she started walking up to the door of the school.  Kids stopped and stared at her which she did not like one bit.  She wanted to say to these kids,''Why are you staring at me?!" But of course she kept it inside, for if she said it she would be mocked for the rest of the school year.
At lunch, she did not know where to sit, so she chose a nice spot where some girls were sitting.  Little did she know that those were mean girls.When she came and sat, all the girls looked at her.  The first girl said, "Uh what are you doing here?"
"Just sitting."Ally replied.
The second girl said, "Sitting? SITTING?  You are ruining my best day ever!!"
The third girl said, ''Yeah,go leave.  I don't want to see your face ever again."
Ally wanted to cry but those girls would just call her a cry baby so she sat up, went to the trash bin, dumped all her food inside, and went to the bathroom.
After a few minutes the bell rang.  It was time for recess, usually Ally's favorite thing in school but today she didn't feel like playing, so she went outside and sat on a bench.  When recess was over, it was time to go home.  Ally hoped that she wouldn't meet those three girls again, but she did.  The first girl, who was Marissa said, "Why are you still here?  I thought we made it clear to you to never be in out sight."
The second girl, Amy said, "Yeah, don't you have ears."
The third girl, Harriet didn't speak.  Of course she felt bad for Ally, but didn't show it.  When Ally was finally home,she told her mother everything that happened.  After she finished, her mother looked shocked,then she said, "I must call the principal right away."  And that's exactly what she did.  They gave the girls a 3-day suspension from school and their parents grounded them for a month.  And they finally learned their lesson and apologized.  Ally thought to herself, "This is going to be a great school year."

 The End

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Animorphs: The Attack #26

In this this story the Animorphs meet the Ellimist and he says they have to save a race of aliens from the Howlers.  That race is called the Iskoort. The bad news is the Howlers are VERY dangerous.  Will all the Animorphs be able to save this race?  And will it help the Animorphs?  Read to find out!!  The main character is Jake.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Animorphs: The Message #4

In this story, Cassie and Tobias have strange dreams about the sea and someone calling them from under it.  They think it is an Andalite with a crashed spaceship.  The Animorphs don't know who it really is, but they are going to find out.  The bad news is that part of the space ship washed up on shore.  And now the Yeerks are looking for the Andalite or whoever it may be.  Read the story to find out all the details!  The main character in this story is Cassie.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Kirsten Saves The Day

In this book, Kirsten and her younger brother Peter find a bee tree and decide to get the honey out of it to be able to buy stuff that they want.  But something happens.  One day while Kirsten is about to dip the honey out of the hive, their dog, Caro chases a baby bear and then his mother shows up.  What will happen to Kirsten and Peter?  Will they make it?  Read the book to find out!

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Animorphs Megamorphs: In the Time of the Dinosaurs

In this story, the Animorphs (Jake, Marco, Tobias, Cassie and Rachel) go on a mission to find a lost army sub.
But a nuke from the sub goes off, starting a "Sario Rip" or in other words they travel in time.....to the time of the dinosaurs!  Will they be able to make it?  Or will they be lunch for a T-Rex?  I liked this story because it was funny and adventurous.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

The Doll

Once there was a girl named Hafsa. School has just ended and she really wanted a new doll. All of her friends were getting one. So she decided that she should ask her mom for one. But when she asked her she said, "Sorry, we don't have enough money."  Hafsa decide to earn her own money but when she checked the price of the doll, it was a lot of money. She thought about a lemonade stand but no one came to buy any lemonade. When Hafsa went to the park all of her friends were there and had dolls. "Where is your doll?" one of her friends asked. Hafsa said, "Umm.......Oh I am going to get one next week." She lied and Hafsa didn't feel so good. The next day Hafsa went to her friend's house. Her friend was rich and had about 7 dolls. Hafsa felt awful. Her friend, Meryem said, "Since you don't have your doll yet you can use this one." She handed Hafsa a beautiful doll. Meryem said, "This one is like one of my favorites so you can use it." Hafsa just stared at it and said, "Thank you." After a while Meryem went downstairs to get some cookies and she said before, "You can put the dolls away and we will eat cookies." Hafsa really wanted that beautiful doll she was playing with so she slowly put the doll in her bag. She thought "She probably won't notice it." The next day her sister came in Hafsa's room while she was playing with Meryem's doll. Hafsa's older sister, Nur said shocked, "Where did you get that doll?" Hafsa looked up and realized the door was opened. She said, "WWhat? Oh I bought it." Nur said, "Mama didn't get you one." Hafsa was stumped. She said, "I just borrowed it from Meryem. She has 7 you know." Nur was surprised and said, "You have to go return it." After that Hafsa reluctantly returned it and she was grounded for 2 weeks. Now Hafsa learned her lesson. She never did that again.


"Don't forget to do your homework," said the teacher. Right after the teacher said that, the bell rang.
"Let's go to my house to play basketball," said a 12-year-old kid named Hamza to his best friend Ahmed around the same age. When they arrived, they played one-on-one. They played all day until the score was 154 to 152. Hamza won.
"I think I have to go home but can I have a glass of water?" asked Ahmed breathing heavily.
"Sure," said Hamza.
"Rematch tomorrow," said Ahmed as he walked home. The next morning at school Hamza and Ahmed realized they forgot to do their homework. Their moms made sure everyday they did their homework before playing outside.

The End

Saturday, October 26, 2013

The NEW AboutCoolBooks

Welcome back to AboutCoolBooks everybody!  I hope you all had a great summer.  Guess what.  AboutCoolBooks is starting off this fall with a NEW format.  Instead of monthly contests, there will be seasonal contests, which means that there were will be four contests each year: Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer.  You can read more about it on the Find Out More page.

This year, we're starting a little late in the fall contest, but that's okay because I know you guys have been reading lots of books and can earn lots of points right away!  So get yourself ready for some exciting AboutCoolBooks projects.

The contest is from October 25 to November 30.  Have fun!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Ribsy By Beaverly Cleary

In this story a boy named Henry Huggins loses his dog, Ribsy, at a parking lot.  Ribsy,trying to get back home gets in a station wagon that looks a lot like the Huggin's car, curls up and falls asleep.  In a few minutes Ribsy wakes up and finds himself with another family.  And that's how Ribsy's adventure began... He met some other people which were all very nice to him but he always ran away.  This story is great.  I hope you like it!

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Janitor's Boy By Andrew Clements

In this story, a boy named Jack Rankin is mad at the chief custodian also known as Jack's dad.  So to get him back he decides to to put the stickiest and smelliest gum he can find and stick all of it under a music room desk.  And he knows that if he does that his father will have to clean up all that mess.  But his plans went very wrong, and he was caught red handed.
So as his punishment from his music teacher and his principal, he will be working on gum patrol for 1 hour in the next three weeks.  And one day he finds lots of keys in a locker that lead to all of the rooms in the school.  He finds 2 interesting keys and both of them give him the best adventure of his life.  Read this story and I hope you will like it!The main character in this story in Jack Rankin.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Animorphs: The Suspicion #24

In this story, the Animorphs meet VERY tiny little aliens that want to take over Earth.  And who are these aliens?  They are the Helmacrons and they are very angry because they think Cassie stole their ship.  The Animorphs think this will be an easy win against these Helmacrons, but there is a twist.  The aliens have a shrinking ray!  They can shrink anyone down to their size.  Will the Animorphs make it, or will they stay smaller that an ant forever?  The main character is Cassie.

Saturday, July 27, 2013

The Twins

"Give me that!" said a seven-year-old kid named Ahmed.

"No, it's mine!" said Ahmed's twin brother named Muhammad.

"Stop fighting over the pizza.  There is enough for everyone," said their mom.

"No, Muhammad's is bigger than mine," said Ahmed.

"Is not!" said Muhammad.

"Is too!" said Ahmed.

"Is not!" said Muhammad.

"That's enough," said their mom.

Muhammad shoved Ahmed and he started to cry.

"I hardly even hit you.  You are a crybaby!" said Muhammad.
"Muhammad, go to your room," said their mom who started to get angry.

Muhammad left for his room. 10 minutes later Muhammad's mom made him say sorry to Ahmed. Then they started to like each other until the next time their mom ordered pizza.

The Woods

Once upon a time there were two sisters named Martha and Annie,they were twins differing in eye color.
Martha had brown eyes and and Annie had green eyes.

They were upstairs making crafts until Annie decided to go play.

They were playing catch until their ball rolled into the dark woods.

''Well aren't you going to get it?'' Martha asked.

''No way! You go get it!'' Annie exclaimed.

''OK fine I will, scaredy-cat," Martha snickered.

''Hmpth,''Annie snorted as she watched Martha go into the woods.

 A few minutes later, Martha didn't come back.  Annie was worried.  ''Martha!'' she called.  ''Where are you!''

"HELP!'' Martha screamed. Annie's heart pounded as she ran into the woods.

''HELP!'' Martha yelled.

Desperate,scared,and worried, Soon, Annie came to Martha. She was holding their ball, laughing her head off.

Annie frowned. ''Don't EVER do that to me again.  You almost gave me a heart attack!'' she shouted.

''You should have seen your face!'' Martha said,laughing.

Annie sighed.  "Let's just go home.''

Martha kept laughing all the way to the house and Annie kept
frowning,but after a while,she too,laughed.

Silently Annie thought to herself,''Maybe I'll prank Martha next time,'' and she snickered.

The End

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Secrets at Camp Nokomis by Jacqueline Dembar Greene

I like this this book because Rebecca is like me when she can't wait to go swimming and canoeing at camp Nokomis. I am also like her because she can't wait to meet new friends like me. This book is about Rebecca trying to find out what secrets is her bunk mate hiding, and why? Also, when camp pranks start getting out of hand, a girl goes missing, and Rebecca is determined to find out what's really going on at camp Nokomis.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Super AboutCoolBooks Summer Contest

I hope you guys are having a great summer so far. Guess what.  Your summer just became ten times cooler!  Welcome to the AboutCoolBooks Summer Contest!  We're having a super duper contest this summer and you guys will have a chance to do the best reading ever.  Read hundreds of books and do tons of projects to get awesome prizes!

The contest will be from July 4th to August 24th.  That's almost two months - enough time to complete and submit lots of projects!

And here's a great bonus.  There will be a few special days in which you can get double points for projects.  July 4th (Independence Day) is the first Bonus Day of the summer contest.  Projects you submit will be worth double the usual amount of points.  Isn't that totally awesome?

Since you have extra time to earn points during the summer contest, the prizes will be different than usual.  To get a Bronze-Medal award, you must earn 200-299 points.  To get a Silver-Medal award, you must earn 300-399 points.  To get a Gold-Medal award, you must earn over 400 points.  The Super Member of the Summer will win a complete arts and crafts kit worth $50 which will include decorative paper, ink pads, stamps, card-making tools, cut-outs, stickers, and more.

So, what are you waiting for?  Head to your bookshelves and libraries.  Dive into your special reading spot and read all the books you can find.  Get on a computer and start submitting projects.  Aim to get an awesome prize during the summer contest!  I hope you all have an awesome summer. 

Note: If you're not a member of AboutCoolBooks, what are you waiting for?  Click on the Members tab above or click HERE to become a member so you can participate in the summer contest!

Monday, May 20, 2013

The Fight

"THAT IS MY TOY!" shouted Meryem.

"NO IT IS MY TOY!" shouted Meryem's twin sister, Fatimah.

"I don't like you!!" said Meryem. She hit Fatimah and then her mom came and said, "What is all the commotion about?"

"Meryem said that is her toy when it is mine. Then she hit me!!!" sobbed Fatimah.

"No! That is my toy," said Meryem, starting to argue.

"Now settle down, I am going to give both of you a punishment," said their mom. "You will be grounded for a week. You will also be in your room for a day."

After their punishment they knew never to do that.


Battle Scene from Animorphs

Here is a battle scene from the book ''Animorphs''

Monday, May 6, 2013

Congratulations to the Winners of the April Contest!

I know you guys have been waiting for a long time for the announcement of the winners of the April contest and the start of the May contest.  Well, here it is. 

Congratulations to Huda, Super Member of the Month two months in a row!  Great job getting the most point, Huda!  You get a ten dollar gift card to a choice store between Barnes and Noble, Five Below, Staples, and Joann Fabrics. 

Congratulations to Hajar, Bronze-Medal winner, for getting over 100 points in the April contest.  Expect a prize in the mail soon!

And...you think I'm finished, but I'm not!  Remember what I promised last month?  Well, today I am going to show a few pictures of some of the cards the winning members were presented with last month.  Enjoy the pictures and get inspired to earn lots of points!  Maybe I'll show pictures of some of the medals and prizes next time!

The May contest starts on May 7th (tomorrow) so start reading books!

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The Two Best Friends

There were two best friends. They played with each other all the time. One day after school they were playing with Barbies. 
"Can't I have the princess?" said Hafsa, one of the friends.
"No, I think I should be the princess," said Tara. They started to argue.
"Let's stop arguing and I have the princess," said Hafsa.
"Wait, wait. No I will have the princess," said Tara.
"NO! I want it!" shouted Hafsa, tugging on the princess.
Tara said while tugging on the princess, "I am the GUEST! I should have it." They were tugging so hard that the princess's leg broke.
"OH NO. My only barbie! It is broken! Leave my house!" cried Hafsa. Tara stood  up and ran to her house. One hour later Hafsa stopped crying and realized what she had done. She had broken her friendship with her best friend. She decided to buy Tara a new princess doll and give it to her.
The next day she apologized.  "I am sorry that I was mean to you so here is a new princess doll. I also bought one for me too. So we don't have to fight over it! Well do you forgive me?" said Hafsa.
"Of course!" said Tara. And they both hugged each other.  They both were friends forever.

Monday, April 29, 2013

Sue Ellen in Arthur and the Lost Diary

Sue Ellen is a girl. She likes to keep private thoughts in her diary. She has many friends. She has curly hair and ties two rubber bands on each side of her head. That's all I know about Sue Ellen in the book Arthur and the Lost Diary.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Charlotte's Web: Would I Want to Be a Pig?

In Charlotte's Web the main character is a pig. I would actually not like being in an old farm.  I would remember when my other owner played with me. Now I would have been sold to an old farm. My owner used to come watch me everyday after school but now she doesn't. I didn't know that I would have to be killed. So I guess I would really hate being a pig like Wilbur. Even though in the end I got saved, I still wouldn't want to be any pig.


Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Arthur and the Lost Diary: Sue Ellen and I

Sue Ellen and I are both same because we both are girls. We also like to keep things private to ourselves. We are both different, too. Sue Ellen does keep a diary and I don't. If I had a diary I wouldn't write in it in a public place, like a library where she did. We both are same and different at the same time.

Deltora Quest: Forest of Silence

In this book a king dies and his son, Endon is now king. Endon's friend Jarred is a trouble maker. There is a belt which has magical jewels in it. Soon Endon gets older and has lots of responsibilities. One day Endon's most highest rank servant accuses Jarred of attempting to kill the king. Now Jarred has to run away. What will happen? I liked this book because it wasn't short. I didn't dislike it.
Forests of Silence Cover Version 1.png

Arthur and The Lost Diary

A girl named Sue Ellen loved her PRIVATE diary. But one day when she was about to check out her books she didn't see her diary.  Was it stolen? Or was it lost? Read the book Arthur And The Lost Diary to find out. I liked this book because it was not too long and it was interesting.

Magic Tree House #9: Dolphins at Daybreak

In this story, Jack and Annie must solve a riddle.  But they have to go to the sea to find the answer.  On the shore of the beach of where they land, they find a submarine. They meet dolphins, but are attacked by a hammerhead shark.  Luckily the shark does not eat them.  I liked this story because it was exciting.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Magic Tree House #4: Pirates Past Noon

In this story, Jack and Annie go to the Caribbean Sea and get captured by pirates. The bad news is that they have to walk the plank!  And walk the plank means they have to walk on a board that leads into the sea.  Then they have to jump off it.  If they don't, the pirates will push them.  I liked this story because it was exciting.

A Thief in the Theater by Sarah Masters Buckey

In this story Kit spends a week of her summer vacation volunteering at the local theater. She also wants to write a newspaper article about a play that's opening soon. But the day before the play is opening, a thief crashes into the play room and ruins the whole set-up. Kit and her friends are on a mission to find where the thief is. I like this book because this book has suspense and mystery.

The Bad Guy

Member Story

"I hear something coming from outside," said a boy named Yusuf. As he went outside he saw a person who had a gun and was attempting to kill people. Yusuf ran at him but the man instantly dodged him and kicked Yusuf. Yusuf then tried to punch him but the man ducked and punched Yusuf.
"This is harder than I thought" said Yusuf in his mind. Suddenly, Yusuf ran at the man, ducked his attacks, then kicked him while punching him and soon Yusuf won. Yusuf was happy he took kung fu class. He never wanted to leave kung fu class.

Moving Away

Member Story

"Why!!!!!!" shouted Huda at the top of her lungs.

"Well, my dad needs work because he lost his job so he found a job in California," said Meryem sadly.

"What? In California? It is so far from Delaware."  Huda felt like as if she would cry.

"Well we still could send letters," Meryem said, trying to cheer up Huda.

"Yeah but it would take a long time to get from here to there," Huda sighed.

When Meryem was about to leave......

"Good bye, Meryem. I will miss you!" Huda said, crying.

"So will I!! Remember to write me," said Meryem trying not to cry.

But then......Meryem's dad said so happily, "My job boss said that I won't be fired any more."

When Huda and Meryem heard the words they both said, "YES!" at the same time. They both hugged each other and none of them moved away.


Thursday, April 18, 2013

Meet Samantha

Samantha is an orphan. Her grandpa died. Now she lives with her grandma and her servants. She has a big house. She is brave.

The Race

Member Story 
"The race is tomorrow!" said a 10-year-old boy named Yusuf.
"Get some sleep.  It's going to be very early tomorrow," said his mom.
"Fine," said Yusuf.

The next morning....

"Wake up, Yusuf," said his mom.
"Ok, what time is it?" asked Yusuf.
"Get in the car," said his mom. "You're almost late for the race."
"We are here," said Yusuf a few minutes later.
"You made it in time.  Go stand at the start line," said his mom.  "It's about to start."
"Get ready," said the announcer.
"I am ready," whispered Yusuf.
"Get set, Go!" said the announcer.
Yusuf ran at his top speed with three people ahead of him. He then ran even faster and had only one person close to him.
"You're not going to win!" said the other boy.
"Oh, but I am!" said Yusuf as he ran to the finish line. He got the first place medal.

The Girl in the Forest

Member Story

Once upon a time, there was a girl who loved to see the forest.  One day, while she was walking in the woods, she accidentally walked into a bear cave. 

And there was a bear inside!  The girl was so frightened when she saw the bear that she screamed.  She ran out of there as fast as her legs could carry her. 

The bear was sleeping, so her screams woke him and he ran after her.  Then, the girl realized that she was lost!  She was very scared.

Then, somebody threw a spear at the bear.  She realized it was a cave man.  He showed her the way home.  She thanked him and went inside her sweet, cozy home.

The End   

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Magic Tree House #7: Sunset on the Sabertooth

In this story, Jack and Annie travel to the Ice Age to find the 3rd M thing to break Morgan's spell.  They go in their bathing suits!  Luckily, they find some warm clothes in a cave belonging to the Ice Age cave people. They fall into a pit, but are helped by a sorcerer with an owl mask.  I liked this story because it was entertaining.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

No Talking by Andrew Clements

In this story, a boy named Dave is trying to keep zipped for one day each week.  And why?  He learned it from a social studies report about India.  He liked how India became independent.  He read that Mahatma Gandhi stopped talking to bring order to his mind.  Dave thought he could give it a try.  But one day while he was keeping silent, he hears Lynsey Burgess and loses his patience of being silent.  Now there is a contest - boys against girls.Who will win? Read the story to find out! I liked this story because it was entertaining and funny.

Dear Mr. Henshaw by Beverly Cleary

In this story, a boy named Leigh Botts has a favorite author and he writes to him every day.  The author suggests that Leigh keep a diary.  Now he has helped Leigh increase his skills in writing.  I liked it when Leigh earned Honorable Mention in the Yearbook.  I think this story was the best one I have read so far.  If I had been transported into this book, I would have written a poem for the Yearbook.  I would like to be the main character because it might be fun.  I liked this book because it was funny, exciting, and entertaining to read.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Animorphs #49

In this story, Tobias finds out that the Yeerks are almost about to know the Animorphs are human.  Meanwhile, he also knows that his long-lost mother whom his aunt and uncle said died, is living 8 blocks from him!  I liked this story because it was entertaining, but it was sad because Tobias's mother abandoned him.  My favorite part was when they were together again.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The Girl Who Gets lost

Member Story

There once was a girl named Sarah. She lived with a mom, a dad, and a little pesky brother. She had elegant dresses, exquisite shoes, and a lot of jewelry.

She didn't have one thing she really wanted: a puppy. Her mom and dad did not allow her to get one. So one night she ran away. She thought she would know where to go. Then she saw a bear!

She started to run away, but the bear caught and ate her leg. Then someone shot the bear. It was her DAD! Sarah was hurt so badly they went to the emergency right away. Now she had to sit in a wheelchair. She knew never to do it again.

The End

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Animorphs #3

In this story, Tobias loses his morphing ability, but helps the Animorphs anytime.  It is sad because Tobias does not have his morphing powers.  I liked this story, except when he ate a rat (yuck).  This story has really made me want to read more books.  In the book Rachel hopes that the Andalite fleet will come.  I liked this story because it was scary, entertaining and exciting altogether.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Princess Academy by Shannon Hale

This book is about a girl named Miri who is from a small town in the mountains called Mount Eskel and who goes to a Princess Academy. Princess Academy is a place where princesses go for training and education.  She is sad because she is leaving her dad. She goes there to get training on how to be a royal princess. At this school, she finds herself among other girls who are very bitter and rude to her and there is a great deal of competition.  I like this book because it is a about a princess and her experiences and challenges.


Saturday, March 30, 2013

Congratulations to the Winners of the March Contest!

This was a great month for AboutCoolBooks!  Quite a few new members have joined us and we are excited to welcome them to our club.

Lots of members won prizes this month.  First of all, congratulations to Huda Kose, Super Member of the Month for April!  Huda will win a six-dollar gift card to a store of her choice between Five Below, Barnes and Noble, Joann Fabrics, and Staples.

Congratulations to two Gold-Medal winners: Yusuf Kose, for earning 507 points, and Hajar Hammami, for earning 436 points.

Congratulations to two Bronze-Medal winners: Reahaam Almoraisi, for earning 170 points, and Hana Hubert, for earning 109 points.

All winners will receive prizes in the mail.  Don't forget that all participating members will also receive certificates of participation in the mail, as well.  Great job Adeeba Allimulla, Furkan Kose, and Merve Kekik!

Congratulations again to all the winners and don't forget to start reading for the April contest!

P.S. - There will be an extra surprise on AboutCoolBooks this month.  Pictures of the prizes and certificates will be posted soon, so keep checking the site!


This book is about when Gil and his friend Nargis discover some faded letters in an old desk drawer.  They have no idea they are opening a door to mystery. Letters, poems, coded messages, and other mysterious scripts combine with a chilling ghost story for a book that will keep readers guessing until the very last page.

The Sea Serpent

Member Story
Annie was walking along the beach, minding her own business.  Then she heard a rumbling sound.  She fell hard on the sandy shore.  Then, right in front of her, was a gigantic green sea serpent!  Luckily,Annie had a plan.  She rushed into her house, grabbed the longest and sharpest thing she could find and went outside.  By then, the serpent had gotten out of the sea and eating everyone.  It was about to eat her little sister!  Then, at the right moment, Annie charged and stuck the butcher knife and kept stabbing the monster and ripped him open.  After the monster was dead, everyone came to say thank you.  Annie was a hero.


Josefina Saves the Day: A Summer Story

In this story, Josefina meets an Americano or a person who comes from America.  He says that his name is Patrick O-toole.  Josefina trusts him and now he betrays her.  Read the story to find out what happens next to Josefina.  I liked this story because it was entertaining.  I liked it when Josefina got what she wanted.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Magic Tree House #43: Leprechaun in Late Winter

In this story, Jack and Annie go to Ireland in the nineteenth century to inspire a girl named Augusta. Then Jack makes a mistake and the Shee or fairies take Augusta to their secret place.Will they ever get her back?  Read the story to find out!  I liked this story because it was entertaining.


The book I am going to talk about is "Stone Fox."  It is about a boy named Willy who has a dog named Searchlight. Willy has a grandfather that is really sick. So then Willy participates in a dog race contest because people suggested that it would cure his sick grandfather.  I thought the book was really cool and interesting!! The main character was Willy and I thought he was a good main character!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Frankenstein Doesn't Plant Petunias

In this Bailey School Kids book, Melody is quite similar to and different from me. She wears a ponytail on her hair and so do I. I am not as brave as her to go around an old museum to a room that says "Private."  When she saw Dr. Victor come in surprise she didn't scream (like I would).  Instead, she gulped, "It's Dr.Victor." When they were being chased, she ran to the corner and into a room. That is most likely what I would do. That is the difference between her and me and that is how we are same.

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

In this story, Harry and his friends hear that someone wants to kill Harry. In that year in Hogwarts a new teacher comes in called Lupin. Soon they figure out that Lupin is Harry's dad's friend. But soon a prisoner breaks out of Azkaban (a prison that hasn't ever had a person break out). And that person is after Harry. I liked this book because it was cool. I didn't dislike it.

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone

In this book, a kid named Harry is a wizard but doesn't know because his aunt and uncle didn't tell him.  They said that his parents died by a car accident. But one day a letter came in the mail addressed to Harry. But the uncle hid all the letters. But one day a man named Hagrid came in the house and told Harry he was a wizard. I liked this book because it was tense. I didn't dislike it.

Animorphs #5: The Predator

In this story, Marco wants to quit being an animorph.  But now he has changed his mind because he now knows Visser One is his mother!  Marco is very sad when he sees his mother for the first time since he thought she died, and now she is the host body of Visser One.  I liked this story because Marco finally finds his mom.  If I was transported into this book, I would try to help Marco get his mom back.

Animorphs #25: The Extreme

In this story, Erek comes and tells the Animorphs that Visser 3 is making plans to make an ordinary swimming pool into a Yeerk pool by going to a certain place.  And that certain place is Alaska.  I liked this story because it is entertaining.  If I was transported into this book, I would help the Animorphs fight the Yeerks. The main character in this book is Marco.

American Girl: Meet Josefina

In this story, Josefina's aunt, Tia Dolores, is coming with her grandfather.  Then something bad happens.  I liked this story because it was entertaining.  If I was transported into this book, I wouldn't let Florecita, Josefina's goat, get out of her pen.  The main character in this book is Josefina.

The Lemonade Stand

Member Story

"You're it!" said Khadjia talking to her friend Hafsa.  But then Hafsa got tired from playing so she sat down. So then Khadjia wanted lemonade.  After that, the girls planned to make a lemonade stand to make money to buy a doll that they wanted.

So then they made the posters and everything. The next day, they set up the lemonade stand and put the posters up.  Then they brought the drink to the stand. But the problem was that nobody was around so they still had a lot of lemonade!!!

After waiting 30 minutes they decided to go back to the house to think of a plan to sell the drink.  Hafsa said, "We can go sell it at your house since lots of people walked by there!" Khadjia said, "That is a great idea!!"

So the girls went and sold the lemonade. But there was a problem.  The girls only had enough money to buy one doll!! So then Khadjia said, "Since it's my house, I get the money and buy the doll!!" But Hafsa said, "It's no fair because I thought of the idea too!"

So then the girls were both mad at each other and left!! They both decided to have their own stand!! They both made a lot of money. So then when Hafsa went to the store to buy her doll, Khadjia was there and they bumped into each other. They would not talk to each other!! But then Khadjia saw two girls having the same problem and saw them saying sorry to each other. Khadjia decided to go to Hafsa and apologize. She said, "Hafsa, I am sorry for being really selfish and keeping the money to myself and I hope you will forgive me." So then she said, "I do" and they hugged!!

After that they went back and continued the lemonade stand together! Then they were best friends again. "You will always be my best friend," said Hafsa. Khadjia said, "I'm glad to have you as my best friend too!"


Monday, March 25, 2013

Magic Tree House #16: Hour of the Olympics

In this story, Jack and Annie go to the Olympics and meet a famous poet.  My favorite part of this story is when Annie dresses up as a boy and plays the games in the Olympics.  If I was transported into this book, I would tell Annie not to do that because she might get caught.  I liked this story because it was entertaining.

Magic Tree House #1

In this story, Jack and Annie discover a mysterious tree house.  Later on, Annie points into a dinosaur book and wishes she could go there.  Now Jack and Annie meet a Pteranodon which Annie names Henry.  I liked this story because it was entertaining.  If I was transported into this book, I would show the tree house to Jack and Annie.

Magic Tree House #42: A Good Night for Ghosts

In this story, Jack and Annie go to New Orleans to bring happiness to many people. There,they meet Louis Armstrong as a boy!  I liked this story because it was entertaining.  If I was transported into this book, I would have lots of fun.

White Dolphin

This book is about a girl named Kara who was trying to save a dolphin by a trap that a mean guy put on the dolphin!  I loved the story because it's about dolphins and they are some of my favorite animals.  I also like it because I love when people help each other out and that is also why people should read the book!

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Animorphs #13: The Change

In this story, Tobias has been a hawk for a long time.  Then,the Ellimist tells him he can make him human again.  Before that, Tobias had seen two Hork-Bajir: Jera Hamee and Ket Helpak.  But they were not controllers.  My favorite part of the story was when Tobias was human again.  I liked this story because it mentioned animals and I like animal stories.

Animorphs Megamorphs #4: Back to Before

In this story, the Drode comes to Jake and tells him that he can go back in time to before they met Elfangor.  The problem is that Jake must decide now.  If he changes everything, they may not have their morphing powers.  I liked this story because it was not short, but it was long.  I also liked it because it was serious.

Animorphs #33: The Illusion

In this story, Tobias and the other Animorphs have found out that the Yeerks have found a way to make a person demorph.  Now Tobias gets an idea that someone must acquire Ax.  I liked this story because it was entertaining.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Danger At the Zoo by Kathleen Ernst

In this book, "Danger at the Zoo" the main character girl named Kit and boy named Will open the zoo gates and unveil a whole lot of danger, when actually the gates are supposed to be kept closed. The reason behind the danger at the zoo is because once the gate is opened by Kit and Will, you can imagine the different kinds of dangerous animals that were let out...and then their adventure and mystery of getting the animals back in the zoo begins.  It's a great book to read because there is mystery and it also sends a message about being responsible and kind towards animals.


This book is about a girl named Kara who tries to save a dolphin from a trap that a mean guy put on the dolphin. I like this story because I love dolphins and also love reading books and stories about them. The character Kara is caring by helping the dolphin be free from the trap.  I think people should read this book because the main character Kara is caring and kind to animals and humans.

The Lost Boy

Member Stories

"Ohhhhhh! Toys!" said Ahmed as he looked at the toys through the glass. Then Ahmed ran into the store without permission. When he came out, his mom was not there. Ahmed knew that his mom was going to come back for him so he went back into the store.  After 1 hour he came back outside and his mom was still not there and now he was scared!!  He searched all around the city and she was nowhere to be found. So then he went back to where he was and waited for his mom to come. Then finally she came and Ahmed hugged her so hard! He said, "Sorry, Mama. I will never leave without your permission!!"

Then the mom said, "Now did you want to go inside and check out the toys you wanted?" Then they were both happy again!!


Animorphs Megamorphs: Elfangor's Secret

In this story, Visser Four has found the Time Matrix.  It could cause trouble, so the Animorphs are trying to stop him.  My least favorite part was when somebody shot a bullet in Jake's head.  My favorite part was when he was still alive in the end.

Magic Ice Cream!!

Member Story 
One day a girl named Hafsa was in her room reading a book. Then, she heard the ice cream truck and ran outside. Once she got her ice cream, she sat down outside to eat it. When she was done with it, she turned around and her ice cream was full!!

"AAAAA!" yelled Hafsa.  She got really scared because she knew she finished it. So then Hafsa said, "Oh maybe I just thought I finished it." So then she ate it and threw it in the trash can. So, when Hafsa went back to her room, she saw the ice cream there again!!

"AAAAAAAA!" yelled Hafsa again. Now she was really scared. She had no clue what to do. So then she closed her eyes and when she opened them, the ice cream was not there anymore!! She was glad!! So then she went to her friend Mariam's house. When she got there, she told her friend everything that happened, but Mariam did not believe her.

So then Hafsa went to the bathroom and she froze. The ice cream was chasing her! So then she and Mariam were running and running, but then they went in a room and there were like 30 more of them!! Both of the girls were yelling and yelling, "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!"

Then they couldn't find the ice creams anymore and were so tired that they fell asleep. When Hafsa woke up, she was at her house with a book in her hand.  Also her mom was in the room asking her if she was OK. But then Hafsa said, "I just had the weirdest dream!!!!"


PIXIE TRICKS: Sporty Sprite

I thought this book was really cool and interesting!! I liked it because I love soceor and the book was about soccer. Also I felt like the book was really magical!  Asoccer team kept on winning because some fairy that was missing was cheating and was making them win!! The team that was winning was the red teamAlso, the fairy was really secretive so no one knew at first!  I also loved the story because it was really funny and I love funny things!! You should really read this book if you haven’t!!