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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Violet in Boxcar Children

Below is a puppet of Violet. She is in the book called Boxcar children. She is one of the main characters.


  1. This one looks like meryem because she is not that big.

  2. Oh. but in the book she is 10.

  3. I really like that! How did you make that? I haven't done any projects.

    1. Actually, any post you submit must be a project. The projects you have already submitted are all the first prompt which says to write briefly about the story you read and mention what you like/dislike about the book. Try not to tell too much about what happens in the story even though your descriptions are really exciting...you don't want to tell nearly everything that happens before we read the book! Instead mention more of what you like/dislike about the story unless you choose to do another project.