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Saturday, July 27, 2013

The Twins

"Give me that!" said a seven-year-old kid named Ahmed.

"No, it's mine!" said Ahmed's twin brother named Muhammad.

"Stop fighting over the pizza.  There is enough for everyone," said their mom.

"No, Muhammad's is bigger than mine," said Ahmed.

"Is not!" said Muhammad.

"Is too!" said Ahmed.

"Is not!" said Muhammad.

"That's enough," said their mom.

Muhammad shoved Ahmed and he started to cry.

"I hardly even hit you.  You are a crybaby!" said Muhammad.
"Muhammad, go to your room," said their mom who started to get angry.

Muhammad left for his room. 10 minutes later Muhammad's mom made him say sorry to Ahmed. Then they started to like each other until the next time their mom ordered pizza.

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