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Saturday, July 27, 2013

The Woods

Once upon a time there were two sisters named Martha and Annie,they were twins differing in eye color.
Martha had brown eyes and and Annie had green eyes.

They were upstairs making crafts until Annie decided to go play.

They were playing catch until their ball rolled into the dark woods.

''Well aren't you going to get it?'' Martha asked.

''No way! You go get it!'' Annie exclaimed.

''OK fine I will, scaredy-cat," Martha snickered.

''Hmpth,''Annie snorted as she watched Martha go into the woods.

 A few minutes later, Martha didn't come back.  Annie was worried.  ''Martha!'' she called.  ''Where are you!''

"HELP!'' Martha screamed. Annie's heart pounded as she ran into the woods.

''HELP!'' Martha yelled.

Desperate,scared,and worried, Soon, Annie came to Martha. She was holding their ball, laughing her head off.

Annie frowned. ''Don't EVER do that to me again.  You almost gave me a heart attack!'' she shouted.

''You should have seen your face!'' Martha said,laughing.

Annie sighed.  "Let's just go home.''

Martha kept laughing all the way to the house and Annie kept
frowning,but after a while,she too,laughed.

Silently Annie thought to herself,''Maybe I'll prank Martha next time,'' and she snickered.

The End

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