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Thursday, January 17, 2013

The Pranker

Member Story

A twelve-year-old boy named Ahmed walked down the street, thinking of a prank to play on his friends. Today, he had already put hot sauce into a ketchup container. He tricked his brother who hated hot sauce. Ahmed also had a shock pen which he gave his brother for a gift. His brother got shocked by the pen and got very mad.
Ahmed figured he was good at making pranks so he took it to the next level. He started to prank his friends.
"So where are my folders for my class, Ahmed?" asked Ahmed's best friend.
"What do you mean?" asked Ahmed, trying to handle his laughter.
"You changed them with Pre-school worksheets so when I showed my teacher this, she thought I did it," said Ahmed's best friend named Hamza.
"Ok, here," said Ahmed reaching in his bag to get the folders.  But he felt something wet in it.
"Haha! I finally played a prank on you!" said Hamza.
"What do you mean?" asked Ahmed.
"I put the wet stuff in your bag!" said Hamza.
"You're such a copycat," said Ahmed.
"Well maybe I am better in playing pranks than you!" said Hamza.
"Well, let's find out. The prank war is on!" said Ahmed, giving over his hand to Hamza.
"What?" said Hamza.
"Shake my hand.  It's a deal - the winner is the best at pranking," said Ahmed.
"Ok," said Hamza, shaking Ahmed's hand and realizing there was mud on Ahmed's hand so now it was on his hand.
"First prank," said Ahmed laughing.
"Oh, I will get you back," said Hamza laughing.
"Alright, see you around," said Ahmed, walking away to his class.
At lunch, Hamza and Ahmed met. Ahmed secretly changed Hamza's money with fake money. When Hamza gave the cafeteria lady the money, the lady laughed and said, "Are you trying to make a joke?" and sent Hamza to get real money.
Ahmed gave Hamza his money and counted two pranks.
"Those are enough pranks.  You won!" said Hamza.
"Told you I am the best pranker," said Ahmed, walking home after school.
Ahmed realized pranking was annoying so he stopped. Well, not really. He only does one prank a week now. 


  1. I am gonna try some of these so all my siblings beware!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Pranking is very mean and no one should do it.

    1. I didnt say what I was gonna try. All I said was that I was gonna try some of `These`.

  3. That is a cool story though. It does have cool pranks.

  4. you know I got the prank about the mud because someone did it to Furkan.

    1. Oh yeah that was at the Masjid while we were playing football and it was so funny.

    2. I think that was disguisting.