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Thursday, November 21, 2013

''The Big Day''

Today was the day Ally would go to a new school.  She woke up, took a shower, got dressed, and went downstairs to eat breakfast.  When her mother saw her she said, ''Good morning honey.'' And Ally replied,''Good morning, mom.''
After breakfast, Ally waited at the bus stop for 5 minutes, and finally the bus came.  When it stopped, Alley went in and sat.  2 minutes later Ally was at the front of the school.  She took a deep breath and let it out.  Then she started walking up to the door of the school.  Kids stopped and stared at her which she did not like one bit.  She wanted to say to these kids,''Why are you staring at me?!" But of course she kept it inside, for if she said it she would be mocked for the rest of the school year.
At lunch, she did not know where to sit, so she chose a nice spot where some girls were sitting.  Little did she know that those were mean girls.When she came and sat, all the girls looked at her.  The first girl said, "Uh what are you doing here?"
"Just sitting."Ally replied.
The second girl said, "Sitting? SITTING?  You are ruining my best day ever!!"
The third girl said, ''Yeah,go leave.  I don't want to see your face ever again."
Ally wanted to cry but those girls would just call her a cry baby so she sat up, went to the trash bin, dumped all her food inside, and went to the bathroom.
After a few minutes the bell rang.  It was time for recess, usually Ally's favorite thing in school but today she didn't feel like playing, so she went outside and sat on a bench.  When recess was over, it was time to go home.  Ally hoped that she wouldn't meet those three girls again, but she did.  The first girl, who was Marissa said, "Why are you still here?  I thought we made it clear to you to never be in out sight."
The second girl, Amy said, "Yeah, don't you have ears."
The third girl, Harriet didn't speak.  Of course she felt bad for Ally, but didn't show it.  When Ally was finally home,she told her mother everything that happened.  After she finished, her mother looked shocked,then she said, "I must call the principal right away."  And that's exactly what she did.  They gave the girls a 3-day suspension from school and their parents grounded them for a month.  And they finally learned their lesson and apologized.  Ally thought to herself, "This is going to be a great school year."

 The End