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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

The Doll

Once there was a girl named Hafsa. School has just ended and she really wanted a new doll. All of her friends were getting one. So she decided that she should ask her mom for one. But when she asked her she said, "Sorry, we don't have enough money."  Hafsa decide to earn her own money but when she checked the price of the doll, it was a lot of money. She thought about a lemonade stand but no one came to buy any lemonade. When Hafsa went to the park all of her friends were there and had dolls. "Where is your doll?" one of her friends asked. Hafsa said, "Umm.......Oh I am going to get one next week." She lied and Hafsa didn't feel so good. The next day Hafsa went to her friend's house. Her friend was rich and had about 7 dolls. Hafsa felt awful. Her friend, Meryem said, "Since you don't have your doll yet you can use this one." She handed Hafsa a beautiful doll. Meryem said, "This one is like one of my favorites so you can use it." Hafsa just stared at it and said, "Thank you." After a while Meryem went downstairs to get some cookies and she said before, "You can put the dolls away and we will eat cookies." Hafsa really wanted that beautiful doll she was playing with so she slowly put the doll in her bag. She thought "She probably won't notice it." The next day her sister came in Hafsa's room while she was playing with Meryem's doll. Hafsa's older sister, Nur said shocked, "Where did you get that doll?" Hafsa looked up and realized the door was opened. She said, "WWhat? Oh I bought it." Nur said, "Mama didn't get you one." Hafsa was stumped. She said, "I just borrowed it from Meryem. She has 7 you know." Nur was surprised and said, "You have to go return it." After that Hafsa reluctantly returned it and she was grounded for 2 weeks. Now Hafsa learned her lesson. She never did that again.

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