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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The Orphan Girl, Tasnim

Member Story
Once upon a time there was an orphan named Tasnim. She was only 5 years old. Her parents died when she was only 1. No one ever adopted her. But one day...

"Yay! Someone will come and see if they want to adopt me!!" Tasnim shouted. There were 4 people in the orphanage. Today someone was going to adopt one of the kids. Tasnim was really excited.

Ding Dong Ding Dong. "Coming," said the kind owner of the orphanage.

"Hello! I would like to adopt one of the kids here," said one old woman.

"Well, come right in and I will show you around," said the owner named Sarah.

"Well, alright," said the lady.

"What kind of kid would you like?" said Sarah, showing her the kids.

"Hmm...Let me think...I got my choice.  Can I talk to you alone?" said the lady.

"Sure.  Kids go to your rooms," said Sarah.

"Do you know the girl with the pink dress? She looks good for me. What is her name?" said the lady.

"Oh, well her name is Huda," said Sarah.

"I will take her.  Could you get her clothes? I will go now," said the lady.

"I will go tell her the great news," said Sarah. In Huda's room...

"Um... Huda, you will be adopted!" said Sarah.

Huda shouted, "I will?! Oh, I can't wait. Can I go and tell the others?" 

"Sure," said Sarah.

Now that Huda left there were 3 kids in the orphanage. Tasnim was sad because no one adopted her. 

The next week two people came and one took Khadija and one took Nur.

Now the only ones left were Yasmeen and Tasim. Yasneem was 10. Tasnim was 5 and a half.

"Oh why am I still in the orphanage?  No one will want me!" sobbed Tasnim in her room.  One day a lady came and saw the two kids.  She chose Tasnim but by mistake Tasnim stepped on her foot and the lady screamed and said, "What bad manners!  I changed my mind. I will adopt Yasmeen." 

Well, now only Tasnim was left. After a year, this lady came. She wanted a 6-year-old. Tasnim was going to be 7 in 4 months. The lady decided to get her. 

Tasnim lived happily ever after. THE END!