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Thursday, January 3, 2013

No Talking!

I loved this book. It was about a boy who said girls talk too much. But a girl heard him and said, "Let's have a contest - boys against girls in which you cannot talk for 2 days." The boy agreed. Soon the teachers were involved and then the principal tried to make them stop.
Who will win? The boys or the girls? Or none?


  1. love the topic. Wonder who wins

  2. I want to know who wins! Can you tell us?

  3. I love this book and no one wins they quit it.

    1. First of all, you probably cannot remember what happens in the story because that is not true. Second of all, you are not supposed to tell what happens in the end of the story.

  4. Come on Yusuf can you tell us?

  5. I give up i will just one day read it.