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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The Girl Who Gets lost

Member Story

There once was a girl named Sarah. She lived with a mom, a dad, and a little pesky brother. She had elegant dresses, exquisite shoes, and a lot of jewelry.

She didn't have one thing she really wanted: a puppy. Her mom and dad did not allow her to get one. So one night she ran away. She thought she would know where to go. Then she saw a bear!

She started to run away, but the bear caught and ate her leg. Then someone shot the bear. It was her DAD! Sarah was hurt so badly they went to the emergency right away. Now she had to sit in a wheelchair. She knew never to do it again.

The End


  1. Replies
    1. So what you did shoter storys

    2. Please don't criticize each others stories. This story is perfectly fine according to the rules of the contest. Stories must be between 100 words and 500 words so they are supposed to be short.

    3. I have no idea and I dont think you get points for that.

    4. The first one is staring,and the second one is frowning.

    5. Well the staring is good but the frowning is more like this :(

    6. So anyways do you like the story??