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Monday, January 14, 2013

The Invention

Member Story

"I finally made my newest and best invention," said a professor named Ahmed.
"What does it do?" asked his assistant.
"It is a thing that looks like a pencil, but when you point the eraser at someone and press the eraser, it will shrink whatever you are pointing at!" said Ahmed.
"Ingenious!" said Ahmed's assistant.
"Now who shall I test it on?" said Ahmed, looking around the room.
Intruder Alert! Intruder Alert!
"Someone broke into our base!" said his assistant.
Suddenly, a man came in and grabbed the shrink ray and shrunk Ahmed. The man ran away and put a fire in the place. But Ahmed's assistant rescued Ahmed and took him to safety.
"What do I do?  After years of research!" said Ahmed.
"We are in big trouble!" said his assistant.
"What?" asked Ahmed.
"You are shrunk!" yelled his assistant.
"I am so small!" said Ahmed.
"What do we do?" said his assistant.
"In the shrink ray, there is a button which can unshrink someone," said Ahmed.
"We need the weapon.  What shall we use?" asked his assistant.
"I have a big robot which you can sit in and control the robot's every step!" said Ahmed, running to his garage.
"This guy is really ingenious!" said his assistant.
When Ahmed came out he was in a robot that was the size of a 1-story building and started following some footsteps of the man who stole his machine. It lead to a small house.
"This is where he lives!" said Ahmed, running to knock over the house.
"Hey, what are you doing?" said a man coming out of the house.
Immediately, the man realized this was the professor and got the shrinking ray and started to shoot at Ahmed.
"Missed me!" said Ahmed who grabbed the man and the shrinking ray.
"Let go of me!" said the man.
"Nope!" said Ahmed who unshrunk himself and threw the man far away. Ahmed was finally his normal size again.


  1. It would be cool if I really had a shrink pencil. I could shrink Yusuf put him in a cup then unshrink him after like half an hour.

    1. It wasnt meant to be funny. It would actually be cool to do that.

  2. Oh yea I likethe story it is cool

  3. I have a question. How does Ahmad drive the robot?
    I thought he was tiny

  4. Just a suggestion Huda. Why dont you put all your comments together so it takes up less space?

  5. So Yusuf can you answer my question?

  6. How does he fit in the robot.