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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Warriors Super Edition: Bluestar's Prophecy

This is probably my favorite book in the series.
In this story, Four Clans of wild cats have shared the forest for many years, living in their territories. But something is threatening Thunderclan, so the cats must be prepared or risk losing food to their hungry neighbors. And at this time, a kit is born.  A prophecy tells that the kit, Bluekit, will be as strong as fire,and her destiny is to blaze through the power of her Clan. But the prophecy also says that an enemy can destroy her.  As Bluekit grows up, she earns her leader name, Bluestar, she fights to protect her Clan. But secrets are revealed, secrets that can destroy ThunderClan.

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  1. Why was it your favorite in the series? Would you recommend someone who hasn't read the other books in the series to read this one or is it better to read the other books first? Please let us know more about how you personally enjoyed the book so we know whether to read it or not.