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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Moving Away

Member Story

"Why!!!!!!" shouted Huda at the top of her lungs.

"Well, my dad needs work because he lost his job so he found a job in California," said Meryem sadly.

"What? In California? It is so far from Delaware."  Huda felt like as if she would cry.

"Well we still could send letters," Meryem said, trying to cheer up Huda.

"Yeah but it would take a long time to get from here to there," Huda sighed.

When Meryem was about to leave......

"Good bye, Meryem. I will miss you!" Huda said, crying.

"So will I!! Remember to write me," said Meryem trying not to cry.

But then......Meryem's dad said so happily, "My job boss said that I won't be fired any more."

When Huda and Meryem heard the words they both said, "YES!" at the same time. They both hugged each other and none of them moved away.