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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Dear Mr. Henshaw by Beverly Cleary

In this story, a boy named Leigh Botts has a favorite author and he writes to him every day.  The author suggests that Leigh keep a diary.  Now he has helped Leigh increase his skills in writing.  I liked it when Leigh earned Honorable Mention in the Yearbook.  I think this story was the best one I have read so far.  If I had been transported into this book, I would have written a poem for the Yearbook.  I would like to be the main character because it might be fun.  I liked this book because it was funny, exciting, and entertaining to read.


  1. I read the small version in my english text bok.

    1. I know because we do the same english textbook

    2. But you only read half the story,and i have the same English textbook

    3. Yeah I know you have the same english textook but I finished the dear mr henshaw

    4. Yes Yusuf she does because abla teaches her.