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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The Two Best Friends

There were two best friends. They played with each other all the time. One day after school they were playing with Barbies. 
"Can't I have the princess?" said Hafsa, one of the friends.
"No, I think I should be the princess," said Tara. They started to argue.
"Let's stop arguing and I have the princess," said Hafsa.
"Wait, wait. No I will have the princess," said Tara.
"NO! I want it!" shouted Hafsa, tugging on the princess.
Tara said while tugging on the princess, "I am the GUEST! I should have it." They were tugging so hard that the princess's leg broke.
"OH NO. My only barbie! It is broken! Leave my house!" cried Hafsa. Tara stood  up and ran to her house. One hour later Hafsa stopped crying and realized what she had done. She had broken her friendship with her best friend. She decided to buy Tara a new princess doll and give it to her.
The next day she apologized.  "I am sorry that I was mean to you so here is a new princess doll. I also bought one for me too. So we don't have to fight over it! Well do you forgive me?" said Hafsa.
"Of course!" said Tara. And they both hugged each other.  They both were friends forever.