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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Danger At the Zoo by Kathleen Ernst

In this book, "Danger at the Zoo" the main character girl named Kit and boy named Will open the zoo gates and unveil a whole lot of danger, when actually the gates are supposed to be kept closed. The reason behind the danger at the zoo is because once the gate is opened by Kit and Will, you can imagine the different kinds of dangerous animals that were let out...and then their adventure and mystery of getting the animals back in the zoo begins.  It's a great book to read because there is mystery and it also sends a message about being responsible and kind towards animals.


  1. Adeeba, Great post. But you should not publish your project post. You need to save it as a draft so I can edit it and give you points. Also, do not make the format different than normal. And please put a picture of the book.
    I am excited to see what other projects you have in mind!

    1. Sorry, I won't do it next time

    2. I did that once, on the first one i ever posted for here.

    3. I want to read this book it looks so interesting!

    4. It's kind of a interesting book when you read it.