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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The Lemonade Stand

Member Story

"You're it!" said Khadjia talking to her friend Hafsa.  But then Hafsa got tired from playing so she sat down. So then Khadjia wanted lemonade.  After that, the girls planned to make a lemonade stand to make money to buy a doll that they wanted.

So then they made the posters and everything. The next day, they set up the lemonade stand and put the posters up.  Then they brought the drink to the stand. But the problem was that nobody was around so they still had a lot of lemonade!!!

After waiting 30 minutes they decided to go back to the house to think of a plan to sell the drink.  Hafsa said, "We can go sell it at your house since lots of people walked by there!" Khadjia said, "That is a great idea!!"

So the girls went and sold the lemonade. But there was a problem.  The girls only had enough money to buy one doll!! So then Khadjia said, "Since it's my house, I get the money and buy the doll!!" But Hafsa said, "It's no fair because I thought of the idea too!"

So then the girls were both mad at each other and left!! They both decided to have their own stand!! They both made a lot of money. So then when Hafsa went to the store to buy her doll, Khadjia was there and they bumped into each other. They would not talk to each other!! But then Khadjia saw two girls having the same problem and saw them saying sorry to each other. Khadjia decided to go to Hafsa and apologize. She said, "Hafsa, I am sorry for being really selfish and keeping the money to myself and I hope you will forgive me." So then she said, "I do" and they hugged!!

After that they went back and continued the lemonade stand together! Then they were best friends again. "You will always be my best friend," said Hafsa. Khadjia said, "I'm glad to have you as my best friend too!"



  1. That is a really interesting story I didnt want to stop reading it!

  2. Aww thank you Huda im glad u liked it

  3. is it just me or are hafsa and khadijah the most commonly used names for stories on the website for girl characters