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Monday, February 4, 2013

The New Kid

Member Story

"Hello, everyone.  Today we have a new boy in our school," said a teacher in a school.
"Finally!  We have hardly anyone our age to be friends," said a 12-year-old kid named Hamza who was happy to see the new boy.
"His name is Ahmed and he is 12 years old," said the teacher.
Everyone clapped.
"Everyone please say, 'Welcome Ahmed,'" said the teacher.
"Welcome Ahmed," said all the students.
Suddenly, Ahmed started to run away. Everyone was wondering why.  Hamza and his friends turned around and saw a big bug. Hamza screamed and everyone started to run.
"What do we do?" asked Hamza.
"These bugs have one weakness: water," said Ahmed who sounded like an expert.
"Wait, how do you know?" asked Hamza.
"No time to tell you now. Find buckets of water," said Ahmed.
Hamza looked around, he saw someone watering a plant. he ran and grabbed the bucket and threw it on the bug.The bug srank into a small ant.
"Yay!" yelled Hamza and his classmates.
"Okay, the reason I knew is that I came from their home," said Ahmed.
"How?" asked Hamza.
"I came here to hide from them but they found me, I guess," said Ahmed.
"Woah, your weird," said Hamza.
"Yep," said Ahmed smiling.
Suddenly, 100 more bugs came. Hamza started to scream but realized he was sleeping.