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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The Chameleon Wore Chartreuse by Bruce Hale

In the book, "The Chameleon Wore Chartreuse," Chester Gecko (He goes by Chet usually) is a spy.  He’s a private eye. He is in fourth grade and whenever there is a mystery to be solved, everyone goes to Chet. This time, this girl called Shirley asks Chet to find her brother who mysteriously disappeared. There was a football game that afternoon and Shirley said Chet needs to find Billy (her brother) by then. Chet agrees on the condition that, when he finds her brother, she will have will give him a piece of stinkbug pie (Eww!). Chet began searching for clues, but he isn’t getting so far, until he meets Natalie Attired, a mocking bird who has the brains. The two of them uncover more and more. But everyone knows that in mysteries there are obstacles that you got to pass. Like Chet gets detention that very day. Will Chet and Natalie solve the mystery?
   This book title is weird because in my review I didn’t say anything about a chameleon or chartreuse, right? The answer is in the book, but I’m not saying….
I would recommend this book to anyone really, and it's pretty humorous. 
by Sabriya Zaman


  1. Cool story, would like to read it.

  2. I read this book in the library.It's very nice.

  3. I think i am going to read in in the libsry too