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Monday, February 11, 2013

The Missing Toy

Member Story

"Where is my I-pod?" asked a 12-year-old kid named Yusuf.
"Not telling you," said Yusuf"s 2 year-old brother named Hamza.
"Give it now!" said Yusuf chasing Hamza.
"No!" said Hamza, hugging his mother.
"Mom, Hamza got my I-pod!" said Yusuf.
"I didn't!" said Hamza, pretending to cry.
"Yusuf, stop blaming people for something you lost," said their mom.
"But I didn't lose it," said Yusuf walking to his room.  Hamza peeked in Yusuf's room and made a face and laughed. Yusuf ran and chased Hamza and found the I-pod in Hamza's pocket. He told his mom and Hamza got in trouble.
"Next time, Hamza, try not to lie," said their mom.
"Mom, be more strict," said Yusuf.

The End


  1. Actually Ipods aren't really toys.anyways nice story.

  2. :/ Huda please stop corrected my mistakes.

  3. Ok! fine if you dont want me too and yusuf you wrote corrected and not correcting.