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Monday, February 11, 2013

Attack of the Growling Eyeballs by Lin Oliver

Daniel Funk is the only boy in his family that is not small. There's his mom, great granny nanny, grandma Lola, and his sisters Lark, Goldfinch and Robin. One day, as he was eating a bowl of Goulash, his eyes started growling and his legs began whistling. Next thing he knew, he was the size of his fourth toe! After a near drowning, he discovered that he has a brother the same size! It turned out that Pablo had been born curled up in Daniel's ear. Daniel is delighted to find someone who agrees with him! After sledding down a a hill of laundry detergent and swimming in the dog's water bowl, they decide that nothing is going to separate them. Then they decide to play a trick on their sisters! What good will they get out of that? This is a great book full of adventure and excitement.