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Monday, February 11, 2013

The Dog

Member Story

"Let's go home. I am so tired," whispered Huda to her mom.
Huda was in someone's house and she was 7.
"Ok, we will go soon," said her mom.
After a while, they went out of the house and saw a big dog.
"Ahhhh! A dog!" said Huda, scared.
Huda ran and hid behind some bushes and her mom and dad lost her.
Huda, alone, remembered to ask Allah for help.
She made dua for the dog to go away.
In two minutes, the dog ran away.
Soon, her parents found her.
Her mom said, "Where did you go? We were worried."
"I was behind the bushes and I made dua to Allah to make the dog go away," said Huda.
"Good job, Huda. I am proud of you," said Huda's dad.
They went home safely then, Alhamdullilah.


  1. Nice story Huda, its like the time in the masjid when you had quran class and a dog came.

  2. Thx. And when that dog came at first i thought it was a wolf.