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Monday, February 11, 2013

A Bad Day

Member Story

One day a boy named Hamza who was 10 years old had a mean older brother called Ahmed. Once in the morning Hamza got up and put his sandals on and realized mud was on it. He raced to Ahmed's room, but he wasn't there. Hamza went to the bathroom and put toothpaste on his brush. Hamza started to brush his teeth and realized it wasn't toothpaste. It tasted so bad. Hamza was now very angry at Ahmed because he knew he did these tricks.  Hamza decided to cool himself down with a hot dog. He got bread and a hot dog and put ketchup on it. He began eating it and realized Ahmed switched the ketchup with hot sauce. Hamza got so mad he ran to Ahmed's room and found him laughing.  Hamza was about to punch his brother when his mom came in. The mom came at the wrong time. It looked like Hamza started it. Hamza told the story and Ahmed was grounded.

The End