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Thursday, February 14, 2013

The Fantastic secret of Owen Jester by Barbara O'Connor

Owen wishes he had never moved to his grandfather's house in Carter, Georgia. For one thing, his grandfathers live-in nurse Earlene sure knows how to ruin his fun. And then there's Viola, his bossy know-it-all neighbor who can't mind her own business. She even has the nerve to tell Owen to release his big beautiful bullfrog, Tooley back in the pond. He is furious but as he examines Tooley, he notices that he does seem sad. One night, as he ponders what to do, he hears a noise coming from the train track: bump, tumble, tumble, tumble, crash! Excited, he goes out to find it. After days of searching, he finally finds it: a submarine! He tries to figure out how to get it into the pond with his friends, but as they clear out a path, Violet finds out and says they should return it. The boys get upset but Owen lets her help. Soon, the submarine is in the water, but they don't know how to drive it. Thankfully, Owen appears with the manual in his jaws. After seeing if the submarine works, they are ready to give it a try, but who should go first? I like this book.  It's entertaining and exciting, both qualities a good book should have.