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Monday, February 4, 2013

Mary Ann's Treasure

Member Story

''I'm bored,'' a girl named Mary Ann said.  She was sitting and staring outside on a hot summer day.  Other kids were already playing in the sprinkler, but Mary Ann had nothing to do.
''Well maybe I can clean my room,' 'she said. While she was cleaning up her room, she noticed something: a piece of paper was sticking out of her bed.
"Wow!'' she said. "It's a treasure map that leads to my backyard.''
''But how did it get in here?"  She realized there was no time to think about that.  She raced into the basement, got a shovel, and started heading to her backyard.
But her dad stopped her in the living room.
''Honey," he said.  ''Where are you headed for so fast with my shovel?'' He was frowning.
''No time to talk, Dad.  See you later," she said.
Mary Ann started digging and soon found a treasure with more then 1,000,000 coins and jewelry!  But she never shows anyone her treasure because someone might take some stuff without her looking.  Now she is rich, but still gives money and houses for free to poor people.