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Monday, February 11, 2013

The Magic Well

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Alice was walking down the street when she saw a wishing well.  People told her that the well will be broken down for space needed to build an apartment.  Alice wanted to make a wish even though she thought that wishes never come true.  She looked in deep into her pocket and found a shiny quarter.  She put it in the well and wished her little brother would not exist.  She laughed at her wish.  She came home a little while later and she saw that her brother wasn't home.  She rushed into his room or what seemed like his room.  It was empty.  She rushed back to the well, wished her brother was back, went into his room and found him sitting there.  "Phew," she said. "That was scary."
"Kids!" her mom called. "Time for dinner!"
The End


  1. Wow that girl must be scared when her brother was gone.

  2. Yeah, I would never what that too happen to one of my siblings

  3. Want huda not what. You got it wrong.

  4. oh oops. thx for correcting me.

    1. Everyone makes mistakes...........................................................................