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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Huda Learns a Lesson.

Member Story

"Jack and Jill went up a hill to fetch a pail of water.  Jack fell down and broke his crown and Jill came tumbling after!" 5 year old Meryem sang as she skipped to her sister Huda's room.

"Meryem!! Stop singing that crazy song. This is my room so get out!" said 10 year old Huda, really annoyed.

"But...But..," Meryem started to talk.

"Get out!" Huda shouted.

"But Abla has something important to tell you!" said Meryem

"Oh ok.  You better not be lying." said Huda grumpily.

Meryem started to walk with Huda to Abla's room.

She started to sing, "Jack and Jill went up a hill to fetch a pail of water, Jack fell down and broke his crown and Jill came tumbling after!"

"Not that again," said Huda, closing her ears.

Soon they were at their sister's room. Huda said, "Abla do you have something to tell me?"

"Is it that Meryem gets to live with her friend?" said Huda.

"No, Huda!" said Abla.

"Well is it that I get to paint my room?" said Huda

"No, do you know your cousin Sabriya?" said Abla, folding a towel.

"Yeah....Wait...What!? I didn't know I had a cousin!" Huda said, surprsied.

"Well you do.  Anyway, she will come her for the summer," said Abla.

"Why?" asked Huda.

"Well her parents have to go on a business trip" said Abla.

"How old is she?" asked  Huda.

"I think she is 10," said Abla.

"Oh yeah!  She is ten. My age. I am going to finish reading my book now," said Huda, turning to her room.

"Oh Huda, first clean your room.  She will be here in the morning," said Abla.

"Why?" said Huda, turning back to Abla.

"Well, you don't want Sabriya to live in a dirty room," said abla.

"What?!" shouted Huda.

"Sabriya will stay with you in your room," said Abla.

"What! I didn't know she will live in my room," said Huda, surprised.

"Well, just go and clean your room," said Abla.

"Oh my goodness!" said Huda, slowly walking to her room.

In the morning...

"See the house there?  That is where you will live for the summer," said Abla, pointing to her house.

"Oh, it is so pretty," said Sabriya.

They went in the house and Abla said, "Huda, come meet Sabriya."

"Coming!" said Huda.

"Now, Sabriya this is Huda," said Abla.

Huda said, "Assalmualakuim."

"Oh, Assalualakuim," said Sabriya.

"I thought you were ten!" said Huda.

"Oh, I am," said Sabriya.

"Oh, you are tall," said Huda.

"Oh, it is in my genes," said Sabriya.

"Huda, why don't you show Sabriya your room?" said Abla.

"Ok. Sabriya follow me," said Huda, not excited at all.

At Huda's room, Sabriya said, "Ooh you have Anne of Green Gables. I have it. I read that book. Do you have it?"

"Yes I do.  You are holding it!" said Huda.

"Can I read it?" said Sabriya.

"Sorry, I am reading it," said Huda.

"Oh, maybe later then," said Sabriya.

While Sabriya was admiring her new room, Meryem came and said, "Sabriya, look what I can sing, Jack and Jill went up a hill to fetch a pail of water.  Jack fell down and broke his crown and Jill came tumbling after!"

"Ohh, I love that song. Why don't we sing it together?" said Sabriya.

"Ok!" said Meryem.

They went to Meryem's room. Meryem didn't even bother asking Huda to sing with them because she knew she would say no.

"She didn't even bother asking me," said Huda. Her feelings started to hurt. She decided to read.

Meanwhile, Meryem and Sabriya were about to go to the park together.

"Come on, let's go!" said Meryem opening the door.

In the park they heard the ice cream truck. "Lets have ice cream, Sabriya," said Meryem.

"Let me see. I have enough money for it!" said Sabriya.

In the house...
"I finished the book. I will look for Sabriya," Huda said.

While Huda started to look for Sabriya, Meryem  and Sabiya were heading home.

When they came home, Huda said, "Where were you?"

"We ate icecream!" Meryem said.

"Without me?" said Huda.

"You said you didn't like the song I sang so I didn't think you would want to go with me," said Meryem.

"Oh," said Huda. So from then on, Huda did everything with Meryem so she wouldn't miss anything fun.

The End


  1. While Huda started to look for Sabria,Meryem and Sabia were heading home.In this sentence,you spelled Sabia instead of Sabria.

    1. Thank you. In real life Sabriya, abla, Meryem and I really made this story.

    2. I mean we made a movie thst was based on this sory

  2. Umm well you spelled Sabria when it is supposed to be Sabriya

    1. I guess but Hajar isnt really a correter

    2. She corrected u then u corrected her correction

    3. Well yeah bu thT DOESNT MEAN SHE IS A CORRECTER