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Monday, February 11, 2013

The Gorgon's Gaze by Julia Golding

Connie is a Universal, a special person who can communicate with all creatures, mythical and regular. She is a member of the society, a group of people bonded with an animal, who help save all creatures from the evil Kullervo. Kullervo, a shapeshifting unicorn who recruits animals to side with him, is once more attempting to rid the world of humans. Connie is one of the very few Universals in the world so her training is very important to her. Just as she is about to become bonded with one of the only golden dragons ever, her aunt Godiva, an old member of society, takes her to live with her, away from her society friends. Godiva bans every sign of the society in her house. She had been driven mad when her companion, a wood sprite, died in a war. Sensing Connie's weakness, Kullervo launches his plan and takes Connie's best friend Col to use as bait. When Connie comes to save him, he takes her prisoner! A few weeks later, a rally will be held to save the forest from being cut down. Kullervo decides that that is that the time to make his move. Tying Connie to a high branch in an oak tree, he waits till the ralliers come. Then he plans to kill them all! Can Connie's friends get there in time? This is a really good book dedicated to nature and it's perfect to read on any sort of day. I loved it!