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Thursday, March 14, 2013

The Eagle's Shadow by Nora Martin

When Clearie's father sends her to Alaska, Clearie feels lost and alone. Her Aunt Ivy assumes Clearie is like her mother, who has a lekwaa x'ann, fighting spirit inside of her. On the first couple of days, Clearie sees Henry Jonee set the house down the road on fire. Clearie notices that both Henry Jonee and his father Tom Jonee hate her. After months, Clearie realizes that she belongs here all along.  As she is paddling down down the river, she sees Henry lighting her uncle's boat on fire! Quickly, she snaps a photo with the camera her father gave her as an early birthday gift. The next month, the police comes, looking for Henry Jonee. Clearie spots him hiding in their store. When worst comes to worst, what will Clearie do?

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