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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The Chocolate Touch

The book I am going to talk about is "The Chocolate Touch!" I had to write an essay on this book and I loved it. I thought it was cool how almost anything he touched or went next to turned into yummy chocolate. If I was the main character I would be scared because that is not normal. Especially if basically everything turns to chocolate!!!  Also, the boy would not eat anything else which is not good for your body.  The scariest part of the story to me was when the mom turned into chocolate!!!  Also the main character and I both would do anything for chocolate. So if you have not read the book yet you should really pick it up and start reading it!!!


  1. This IS the first post I posted!I liked i I did lots of pprojects on it. Did you like it.

  2. This book was good exept for the part where it had a horrible ending.

  3. yes i did huda i read it twice and i loved it

    1. I read it and i disliked the ending

    2. I didnt read it two tmes but I really liked it.