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Sunday, March 17, 2013

The Great Egyptian Grave Robbery by Sara Pennypacker

Stanley is unusual and awesome.  He is as flat as paper! He got flattened by a falling bulletin board when he was young. One day, Stanley receives a letter from an archaeologist.  He travels by airmail to Egypt to find a ancient treasure in the heart of a giant pyramid. But then Stanley finds himself face to face with thieves trying to steal the pyramid's treasure.  He gets forced to guide them to the hidden center! How can Stanley worm his way out of the mess he got himself in? This book is short, interesting and great!


  1. I think I read soething like tgis

  2. Replies
    1. Me too they are interesing but I only read one.:P

    2. I read Stanley and the genie or something like that.

    3. I ddint but is it called the majic lamp?

    4. Yeah stanly and the magic lamp or somethin

    5. Yeah know that book we have it.

    6. Yes it is called:Stanley and the Magic Lamp,i really liked it,but it was short.