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Thursday, March 14, 2013

The Report Card by Andrew Clements

Nora Rose Rowley is a genius. She found all the pieces in a five-hundred piece puzzle right after she learned to walk. But she wants to be normal. In kindergarten, she copied her friend Stephen. Each day she would copy someone new and pretend to get questions wrong even though she knew the alphabet forwards and backwards. After years of being an average student, Nora feels like tests and quizzes are bad for kids. They make the smarter kids turn to stuck-up know-it-alls. Suddenly, Nora has an idea. She wants to show people that your grades don't matter. Determined, she purposely gets D's on all her work. That plan backfires and leaves Nora in trouble. That's when she gets the best idea ever! She could just be herself! For the whole day, Nora becomes a know-it-all. She outsmarts her science teacher and shows the class who she really is. Then she tells the class to get zeros on their next quizzes. Stephen even prints a flyer about it! Unfortunately, that plan also goes wrong and they end up in the principle's office. All the teachers are mad because she purposely got her question wrong when she was being so smart in class. The principal also says that Nora should skip to 8th grade! What will Nora do?