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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Goosebumps #45: Ghost Camp

In this story, Harry and his brother are going to summer camp.  But, when they get there, they notice the camp loves to play jokes on the new campers.  But the jokes are too scary.  First, a girl sticks her hand in the fire and does not have any burn marks.  Then, a boy sticks a fork into his neck, and jams a pole through his foot!  I did not like this story because it was too scary. The main character is Harry.


  1. Replies
    1. When the boy stuck a pole up his foot MY foot hurt.I'm not kidding

    2. NO,if you read the story and get to that part im sure YOUR foot would ache just like Harry's foot felt.

    3. Well did your foot hurt real bad?

    4. You never 9know it could hurt really much

    5. well it felt like a sting and lasted for................um..........a minute

    6. Wow wird a sting????? I would not ead that book