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Monday, January 28, 2013

The Lost Cat

Member Story

"I love you, Cat, and I will keep you forever," shouted Husna.
"Meow," purred the cat named Whiskers.
9-year-old Husna went upstairs to her room with her Whiskers.
"Come on, Kitty, let's go play," suggested Husna, walking into her room.
"HUSNA! Brush your teeth and pray Isha and then go to bed," said Husna's mom.
"AWW! But, Mom, Whiskers and I were just about to play!" shouted Husna.
"Now, Husna," said Husna's mom.
"Ok, Kitty, wait here.  Let me go brush my teeth and make wudu," said Husna.
After Husna finished brushing her teeth and made wudu, she prayed and went to sleep.
In the morning...
"Time to wake up, Whiskers!" said Husna, yawning.
"Whiskers?" Husna said, looking on her bed where Whiskers usually slept.
"MOM! I can't find Whiskers," shouted Husna and then glanced at her clock and said, "Oops. My mom is sleeping. It is 6:32."
She looked all over the house and she saw footsteps to somewhere.  They were Whiskers' footprints. She followed them and saw a hole in the wall that was never there before.
"Whiskers," whispered Husna, wandering into the dark hole.
"Meow," purred Whiskers.
"Whiskers, I found you!" She grabbed Whiskers and they got out of the hole.
It closed as soon as they came out. When her mom woke up, she told her what happened. No one believed her. They just said, "You were probably dreaming."

 The End


  1. Why wouldn't people believe her, Its not unbelievable.

  2. Well, did you ever see a hole in a wall? And when you get out of it it closes

    1. Your got a point but maybe it was a door? Duh