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Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Member Story

A long time ago, a man lived in a small cave. He worked hard to live and, soon, the cave turned into a city. The man was mayor. But he died but had a kid then that kid had a kid that had a kid. That kid was named Ahmed. He was a 17-year-old. He loved exploring, but one day he got lost.
"Where is my house?" said Ahmed, frightened turning left and right.
He saw a man run toward him. He asked him if he saw a village.
"Yes, I know but if you want to get my directions you will have to complete a task," said the man.
The man said that the task was that he had to climb a high mountain across them and get a flower that only grows there.
"That is a high mountain," said Ahmed, starting to climb.
"But if you want to see your home, you will need to get that flower," said the man.
Ahmed climbed and climbed and finally reached the top. He saw a flower but when he touched it, it hurt.
"I can't get it!" said Ahmed.
"Why?" said the man.
"It stung me!" said Ahmed, blowing on his finger.
"I forgot to tell you. If you are not truly a good man, you can't hold it," said the man.
"What do you mean?" said Ahmed.
"People who are ignorant, mean, rude, and dishonest cannot touch it," said the man.
"So are you still going to help me?" asked Ahmed.
"No, find help from someone else," said the man, walking away.
"That guy was crazy," said Ahmed walking.
Ahmed saw another man. He asked him if he saw a village. The man said, "Yes, but you need to fulfill a task." The task was that he needed to get a flower right next to the man. Thinking this was easy, Ahmed tried to get the flower, but it stung him. The man explained the same thing that the other man said. Ahmed was sad and looked for home himself. He finally found it and was happy.