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Monday, January 28, 2013

The Tree House

Member Story

"Come on, Ahmed!" whispered 8-year-old Hassan, tiptoeing across his parents' room.
"I am coming.  I am coming," whispered Ahmed, walking really slowly.
The two identical brothers, Hassan and Ahmed ran out of their house to make a tree house outside with their friends. They did it secretly because their mom was afraid they would catch a cold and didn't let them go outside.

A little while later...

"Finally, what took you so long?" sighed Yusuf, their friend who was 8 years old.
"Oh, well, we kinda slept a little later than before," said Ahmed.
"Oh, well, at least you are here.  Now we can finish our clubhouse."
"Yusuf, where is your younger brother, Ibrahim?" asked Hassan curiously.
"He caught the flu. I am scared I will be next to catch it," said Yusuf nervously.
"Inshallah, you won't." said Ahmed.
"Well let's finish this tree house. It will take longer than we hope if we don't start now," said Hassan.
"Yusuf, I was thinking that this tree house is a little close to our house. Won't my mom see it?" said Ahmed.
"She probably won't. She hardly goes outside," said Yusuf.
"Yeah, let's get to work," said Ahmed.
They started to work and the sun started rising so they both went home and slept.
In the morning, their mom said, "Come, Ahmed and Hassan, I am going grocery shopping."
When they were going, Hassan and Ahmed's mom saw the tree house and said, "What is this?  Do you know anything about it? It is beautiful," their mom said, pointing to the almost-done tree house.
Ahmed, reluctant to speak, said, "Well, umm. We did help make it. "
"But not for that long," said Hassan quickly.
"You made this! But how? You ever went outside," said their mom, surprised.
"Well you know..We...We....kin..da...diiiid..i.t.in....the...morning," said Ahmed.
"You What!! You will be grounded for two days," said their mom, while heading back home.
From then on, Ahmed and Hassan always obeyed their mom.