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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The Tornado

Member Story

The Kose family sat in the living room listening to the news.

"Today there seems there will be a tornado. Everyone get radios and get prepared," said the radio.

"Oh no, there will be a tornado. We will have to get ready," said the mom.

"I will get the radio with batteries," said Sarah, the girl.

"I will get the flashlight," said Adam, the brother of Sarah.

Everyone got something and they all went to a safe place and sat.

They were listening to the radio. A while later...

"The tornado is going straight east, to Newark, DE.

"Oh, that's near us," said the dad.

They heard a lot of wind.

"Oh, I forgot Kitty, our cat," said Adam.

"Well, you can't save her," said the mom.

Adam didn't hear her and ran out.

"This is so hard. Come on, Kitty! I found you," said Adam.

Then Adam fell and got injured. The tornado was over after five minutes and Adam never ever did that ever again.