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Thursday, January 10, 2013

The Robbers

Member Story

One day a boy named Ahmed was walking down the street when he watched as policeman chased another man.  Ahmed helped the police man and started to chase the man, too.
"Officer, why are you chasing the man?" asked Ahmed as he ran.
"He is a robber. He ran away from me a lots of times, but not today," said the officer as he ran.
"Don't worry. I will catch him," said Ahmed with a sudden burst of speed.
Ahmed jumped on the robber and took him down. The robber took out his gun but the police jumped and grabbed the gun from the robber. The police tied him up and was about to put him in his car when another car came and five big muscular guys came out with machine guns.
"Hand us over the guy you tied up!" said one, pointing the gun at the police and Ahmed.
"N..o pro...bl..em," said the police, pushing the robber to the five guys. They left and speeded away with the robber.
"Aw man," said the policeman getting into the car.
"Wait.  Let's find there hideout," said Ahmed.
"I already know where they live.  It's just that everyone is scared of them," said the police, starting the engine.  "You need a ride home?"
"No thanks.  Can you give me the directions to their hideout?" said Ahmed.
"You can't win.  You're only one man, but if you insist," said the police handing him a paper.
"Thanks, see you around," said Ahmed.
"Ok, bye," said the policeman.
"Let's see who is strong and brave so they can help me take care of those robbers," said Ahmed, trying to think.
Suddenly, three muscular men passed by Ahmed. Ahmed ran to them and asked them if they could help. They didn't want to, but when Ahmed said he would give money, they all were in.
"Here's the plan: one of you pretend you want to join the team and then you let us in the hideout and then we take down one of them at a time," said Ahmed.
"Got it," they said.
Their plan worked and they the bad guys to jail and got a key to the city hall.


  1. Interesting story.Can't wait until you write another story.

  2. Very interesting story. You know how they attack everyone 1 by one. Its kind of like how in our family everyone is getting sick 1 at a time. Its pretty freaky knowing I could be next.

  3. Welll at least you werent as sick as evryone else.