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Monday, January 14, 2013

The Unexpected Guest

Member Story

"Hamza, get the door!" said an eleven-year-old boy's mom.
"Okay, coming," said Hamza, running downstairs to the door.
"When he opened the door, he saw his worst nightmare: his cousin. His cousin was two years older then him and named Muhammad.
"Hello!" said Muhammad, giving Hamza a very tight hug.
"Ca..n't breat..h," said Hamza, gasping for air.
"Look who it is: my favorite nephew!" said Hamza's uncle, giving Hamza a very tight hug, too.
"I am your only nephew," said Hamza under his breath.
"Oh, look who it is!" said Hamza's mom, coming to greet them.
"So, Hamza, how about you show Muhammad your room?" said Hamza's mom.
"Uh...I don't think that will be needed," said Hamza.
"Hamza, now," said Hamza's mom.
"Fine, come on, Muhammad," said Hamza.
"Wow!  You have such a small room," said Muhammad, as he entered.
I can't wait till he leaves, Hamza thought.
"Don't touch that," growled Hamza.
"Why not?" asked Muhammad, making an annoying face on purpose.
"Because it will break," said Hamza, starting to get mean.
"Well, I can do whatever I like," said Muhammad.
"Well, no you can't," said Hamza.
"You're acting like a 2-year-old," said Muhammad, stepping closer to Hamza.
"I know you are, but what about me?" said Hamza, stepping closer to Muhammad.
"You think you're so cool but you're not," said Muhammad, putting his fist next to his face.
"And how am I acting cool?" asked Hamza, getting really annoyed.
"You know I could beat you up right know," said Muhammad.
"I would like to see you try," said Hamza.
"You are going to regret that!" said Muhammad, jumping on Hamza.
Muhammad tackled Hamza, but Hamza grabbed his hand before he punched him and twisted it.
"Ouch," said Muhammad trying to kick Hamza but Hamza grabbed his leg and threw him against the wall.
Muhammad struggled to get up. Hamza still just stood there like nothing happened.
"I thought you were going to beat me?" asked Hamza, dusting imaginary dust off his shoulder.
"You wait till I tell my parents," said Muhammad, limping down the stairs.
"Muhammad, what happened to you?" asked Hamza's mom, astonished.
"Hamza jumped on me when I was helping clean his room.  He said that he hates me and that he wished I wasn't alive," lied Muhammad.
"Not so fast," said Hamza, coming downstairs.  "I had a video camera in my room when Muhammad  came in so I could show how annoying he was.  Here is the true video."
Hamza's mom got the video camera and everyone gathered around to watch. Muhammad's parents grounded him for a week.  


  1. Yeah, Muhammad isnt someone thats nice in the story. He is annoying.