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Monday, January 14, 2013

Mayor for a Day

Member Story

"I can't believe it!" said a 16-year-old boy named Ahmed.
"What happened?" asked Ahmed's 12-year-old sister who ran into the room.
"I entered a contest last month and I won!" said Ahmed.
"Still not seeing why you're so happy," said his sister.
"I am happy because the prize is that I get to be a mayor for a day!" said Ahmed.
"You can be what for a day?" asked his 14-year-old brother who ran into the room.
"A mayor!" said Ahmed.
"When will you start?" asked his sister.
"Tomorrow!" said Ahmed.
"What's all the ruckus about?" said Ahmed's mom, entering the room.
"Ahmed won a contest!" said Ahmed's sister.
"The one in which you get to be a mayor for a day for the prize?" asked Ahmed's mom.
"Yes!" said Ahmed.
"That's great!  How about I take you to the library to get a book about mayors?" asked Ahmed's mom.
"Well, Mom, you see, I don't really want to read books.  I already know stuff about mayors," said Ahmed.
"Like what?" asked Ahmed's sister.
"Like you get to make rules, you get to boss people around, and you get free food," said Ahmed.
"Well, you also have to work a lot or else this city will be ruined," said Ahmed's mom.
"Mom, it's also only one day.  I am going to sleep so tomorrow hurries and comes," said Ahmed running to his bedroom.
The next morning, Ahmed wore a suit and drove to the mayor's office. Ahmed looked for the room where the mayor lived and found it.
"Excuse me," said Ahmed, entering the room.
"You must be the winner of the contest," said a man who had to be the mayor.
"Yes, I am," said Ahmed
"Do you know how to be a mayor?" said the man.
"Not really," said Ahmed.
"Too bad.  Go back home," said the man.
"What?" said Ahmed.
"Go.  You don't know how to be a mayor. If you don't know how to, the city will be ruined," said the man.
Ahmed went home mad. He wished he had learned about mayors. Next time he would be ready.


  1. Very good moral Yusuf. It really helped me.

  2. Haha very funny since when did you a contest that made you a mayor for a day?

    1. I am telling you it wasn't suppost to be funny! Why doesnt anyone take me seriously on this website. Everything I write is not a joke.

    2. Mabye you shouldn't write comments if you don't mean it. Quit wasting my time reading your comments.

  3. Cool story,Ahmad must be very ,mad in the end.

  4. Yusuf you write lots of story's