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Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Member Story

"Not again!" said a 10-year-old boy named Ahmed.
"I won," said a 11-year-old boy named Hamza.
"I want a rematch," said Ahmed who heard a ringing sound coming from Hamza's pocket.
"Hello?" said Hamza, getting his phone out of his pocket and looking worried.
"What happened?" said Ahmed when Hamza closed his phone.
"It was my mom.  She said a tornado is passing our town," said Hamza.
"A what? My parents aren't home though!" said Ahmed.
"My mom told me to tell you that we should go to the cellar," said Hamza getting up.
"But my parents aren't here yet," said Ahmed getting up and heading to the cellar.
Half an hour later Ahmed and Hamza thought the tornado was done. They went outside and saw the tornado about 900 feet away.
"Oh no!" said Hamza as they rushed inside.
"What do we do?" asked Ahmed.
"Nothing.  There is nothing we can do," said Hamza, running to the cellar.
Suddenly Hamza and Ahmed felt a vibration.
"Oh no! We are going to die!" said Hamza.
"Wake up, Hamza," said Hamza's mom.
"What happened to the tornado?" asked Hamza.
"You're having a nightmare.  Now, go back to sleep," said Hamza's mom leaving.
"See you," said Hamza, drifting away to sleep.