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Monday, January 28, 2013

The Superbowl

Member Story

"I don't want to go!" said a 2-year-old kid named Hamza.
"But you will have to!" said Hamza's mom.
"Hamza, just come, we are going to be late for the Superbowl!" complained Hamza's brother who was 12 and named Ahmed.
"I am not going!" said Hamza, running away from the door.
"We got amazing tickets. It will be a blast," said Ahmed's dad.
"I don't want to go. I hate football. I only like soccer!" said Hamza.
"Well, then you will have to stay here and you will be all alone," said Hamza's mom, pretending to exit the door.
"No!" cried Hamza, grabbing his mom's leg.

"Looks like we made on time!" said Ahmed, sitting down.
"We got front seats, the best!" said Ahmed's dad.
"Hello everyone, and welcome to this year's Superbowl!" said the commentary man.
"We have here...the Giants!"
Everyone clapped.
"And on my left, we have the Patriots!" said the commentary man.
Again everyone clapped. The game started and the Patriots were in the lead by 7 points.
"The Giants only need  one more touchdown to tie!" said Ahmed, voting for the Giants.
"The Giants score!" said the commentary man a minute later.
"It's a tie, folks, with only six minutes left in the game!" said the commentary man.
The quarterback in the Giants looked for a man to pass the ball to. Suddenly, a player from the Patriots ran and jumped on the quarterback.  Blindly the quarterback threw the ball.  A man caught it and made a touchdown.
"Touch down!" yelled the commentary man.
"The Giants won!" yelled Ahmed, who was very happy.
Suddenly, a player from the Patriots tackled a player from the Giants. They fought. Soon, the whole Patriot team started to fight the Giants. Punches and kicks flew everywhere. Suddenly, the police came. The Patriots didn't stop fighting.
"Finally, something interesting," said Hamza.
But the Patriots soon stopped and Ahmed and his family went home.