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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Candy Land

Member Story
Sarah woke up suddenly.  She was sleeping on a cloud of cotton candy.  When she turned to move, she accidentally rolled over the cloud and fell.  Then a bird flew down and carried her down to safety, then flew back in the sky.
"Where am I?" she said.
"Why, you are in Candy Land, of course," said a man.
Sarah turned around and gasped.  The man was a piece of toffee.  Sarah screamed and the queen heard her and came out of her castle.
"All hail to Queen Bubblegum!"
When she saw Sarah not bowing down and that she was not a candy, the queen said, "Seize her!"
Sarah ran for her life.  As she ran, she saw a pink door.  "Maybe that's the way out."  Sarah broke into the door and closed it behind her.  She was back in her room at midnight.
"Looks like it's time to go to bed," she said and drifted off to sleep very soundly.


  1. Intresting story,you should make a number 2 of this story.

  2. i dont think you can do thart.

  3. Cool candy land sounds like a nice place.

  4. Well if people chase you that wouldn't be nice.

    1. No it was becuase she wasn't a candy