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Thursday, January 17, 2013

The Bully Gets Bullied

Member Stories
"So this is our new house," said a 12-year-old boy named Ahmed's mom.
"I still don't get why we had to move to Delaware," said Ahmed.
"Because I found a job hereNow start unloading the car," said Ahmed's dad.
"Ok," said Ahmed, grabbing a suitcase and started heading for his new house.
"Oh yeah, don't forget that tomorrow you have school.  It's a block from here," said Ahmed's mom.
"School? Already?" said Ahmed, not looking forward to the next day.
"Wake up, Ahmed!" said Ahmed's mom early in the morning.
"What?" said Ahmed rubbing his eyes.
"You are going to be late!" said Ahmed's mom, grabbing the blanket away from him.
"Ok, I will come," said Ahmed getting up and heading for the stairs.
"Ok, see you, Mom!" said Ahmed a few minutes later.
Ahmed entered the bus and someone tripped him when he was looking for a seat.
"Who did that?" said Ahmed and everyone gasped.
"I did," said a boy who looked mean.
"Well, why did you?" said Ahmed and then again everyone gasped.  Ahmed realized that the boy who tripped him was the bully of the school.
"What do you mean why did I do that?" said the bully.
"I mean, you can't just go around tripping people," said Ahmed.
"Oh yes I can," said the bully getting up and throwing a punch at Ahmed.  But Ahmed grabbed the bully's hand and twisted it.
The bully threw another punch but Ahmed ducked and grabbed the bully's legs and the bully fell down hard.
"Next time don't mess with a new kid," said Ahmed who realized he gave the bully a bloody nose.
After Ahmed left the bus, everyone gathered around him like he was a celebrity. Ahmed started looking for his locker when the bully came to him.
"You know you are going to regret that," the bully said.
"Don't cry," said Ahmed.
"You're just a kid who tries to act cool," said the bully, shoving Ahmed.
"You know, I thought only 7-year-old kids say that," said Ahmed, giving the bully a shove back.
"That's it!" said the bully, jumping on Ahmed.
"You fight like a 3-year-old kid," said Ahmed, dodging all of the bully's punches.
Ahmed again gave the bully a bloody nose and walked to his first class. After school, Ahmed met the bully outside again.
"I don't feel like fighting with you.  I will just give you another bloody nose," said Ahmed.
"I want to be friends," said the bully, putting his hand out.
"Um...okay," said Ahmed, shaking the bully's hand and realizing that he hand mud on his hand and now Ahmed's hand was covered with mud.
"Tricked you!" said the bully.
"You are going to regret that!" said Ahmed, jumping on the bully.
Ahmed beat up the bully so badly that when the bully left he was limping.
"Don't come back.  I am an expert in bullying.  I was a bully in my old school!" said Ahmed.
The bully never stood close to Ahmed again.