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Monday, January 28, 2013

The Escape

Member Story

"Yay! Summer vacation is over!" shouted Ahmed, running back home with his friend Ibrahim.
Soon they stopped running and stared at the deserted house in the neighborhood.
Then Ibrahim said, "I wonder who ever lives in there. Or maybe no one does."
They started to walk again and they both fell in a hole.
"AHHHHHH," they both shouted.

"Where are we?" said Ibrahim, suddenly realizing they were tied up.
"Hello! I hope you like your stay. I will hold you for ransom," said this man.
"What?! Why us?" said Ahmed.
Before they said another word, the man went away.
"Oh, man. Why us? This man is random," said Ibrahim.
"I don't know. Let's try to get out of this place," said Ahmed.
Ibrahim tried, but it was no use. Soon, they fell asleep.
"Ibrahim, Ibrahim come on let's get out of here," whispered Ibrahim in the middle of the night.
"What? Where am I?" said Ibrahim.
"Let's go. I found a scissor and managed to cut out my string.  Now cut yourself out and let's leave," said Ahmed.
"Ok," said Ibrahim, cutting himself free.
"Let's go," said Ahmed, running through a door and seeing the man.
"Oops," said Ahmed, backing away.
The man got out his sword.
"Ahh! Let's run Ibrahim.  Come on, let's go," said Ahmed in his sleep.
"Ahmed, wake up," said his brother Hamza.
"What?" said Ahmed.
"You were having a nightmare," said Hamza.
"Oh," said Ahmed.